The Benefits Of Urology Compounding To Treat ED

The Benefits Of Urology Compounding To Treat EDIf you are like many men over the age of 50, you may be suffering from a urological disorder such as Erectile Dysfunction. While there are many pills that may be taken prior to having intimate relations with your partner, these pills take up to three hours to work. Oral treatments for ED also can cause many uncomfortable side effects such as nausea or blurred vision. For this reason, many men are turning to prescription compounding for ED treatment.

Urology Compounding Medications Are Safely And Easily Administered

Unlike oral medications that must be digested and absorbed into your blood stream, our urology compounded medications are easily and safely injected. This reduces the occurrence of side effects. You may have a minor reaction at the injection site, but it will typically subside within a matter of minutes.

Erectile Dysfunction Compound Medications Are Fast Acting

With oral treatments for your Erectile Dysfunction, you will be forced to either take a pill every day or plan your intimacy to take the pill prior. Daily pills can cause issues with vital organs such as your heart, while scheduling intercourse eliminates the ability to be spontaneous. With urology compounding, you can be spontaneous without worrying about the medication working quickly. Once you know that you and your partner are going to have sex, you can inject the compounded medication for fast results.

Custom Made Compounds For ED Treatment

While oral medications for erectile dysfunction are only available in specific strengths, compounded urology treatments can be customized to fit your particular needs. ED is caused by a variety of conditions and designing a treatment for your exact causes will help you to get the best results from the medication. You may select a bi-mix or tri-mix compound depending on what you need to successfully treat your ED symptoms.

Don’t wait to treat your erectile dysfunction by using pills that take hours to work. Take back your ability to be spontaneous with your partner by using prescription compounding for ED treatment today.

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