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Why Are There Different Types of Lymphoma?

Lymphoma Differences

You’ve probably heard of lymphoma, which is a cancer that begins in the lymphocytes. You may have even heard of the two main types, Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. What you may not know, however, are the differences between each and how the classification affects treatment. These two types of cancer have different etiologies, prognoses, and […]

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Supporting Your Breast Cancer Treatment Plan With Quality Nutrition

Breast Cancer Support with Nutrition

Receiving news of a breast cancer diagnosis can be devastating. We as a society have made great strides in the early identification and treatment of breast cancer, but many uncertainties remain that persist through the process. Some of the most common questions that people have following a breast cancer diagnosis include: What stage is the […]

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Learning That Your Lung Cancer Is “Inoperable”

Learning Your Lung Cancer is Inoperable

A diagnosis of any type of cancer can be devastating, but learning that your lung cancer is inoperable can make the situation seem hopeless. During the course of testing, diagnosis, and grading of cancer, you will likely encounter terminology you do not understand. Knowing your options and how to proceed following a diagnosis of an […]

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