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What is Homeopathic Medicine? Does is play a role in healthcare?

Homeopathic medicine (homeopathy) is a form of alternative medicine that uses microscopic amounts of natural substances, which in larger doses would bring on a disease, to heal a patient. Homeopathy has been around since the 19th century, when it was used quite frequently and is still practiced around the world. Since the advent of newer […]

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The Rising Cost of Medication and Why Compounding Makes More Sense

Compounding Medications Put the Power of Health Care in Your Hands

You never know what brings people to try a compounding pharmacy, but it usually involves their quest for truth.  One of our patients, Eva, is a case in point. Her story will probably feel familiar to you because in a way, we all live this. You see, what your insurance company doesn’t want you to […]

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Does It Make Sense To Move Specialty Drugs From Medical To The Pharmacy Benefit?

Move Specialty Drugs From Medical To Pharmacy Benefit-CompoundingRX

Specialty drugs have been treated as two separate products and billed separately for some time depending on the manner in which they have been given to patients. Oral medications and specialty drugs from a compounding pharmacy have fallen under the pharmacy benefits category, while any medications which have had to be injected or infused have […]

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How To Save Time And Money With Compounding Pharmacy Insurance

If your doctor has prescribed a medication that you are unable to find in your local pharmacy, you may find yourself visiting a compounding pharmacy to obtain the custom medications you need. Many compounding pharmacies feel as though they offer a premium pharmacy and thus charge a premium fee to their customers. While having medical […]

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