How Compounding Pharmacies Can Help In A Drug Shortage

In 2012, doctors, surgeons, and dentists across the country were feeling the effects of an anesthetic drug shortage. This can change the way patients are treated for many conditions. You wouldn’t want to undergo surgery without a strong anesthetic. These doctors began turning to compounding pharmacies to create the anesthetic medications they needed to help their patients in a timely manner.

This is just one example of compounding pharmacies stepping to the plate in a time of need like a drug shortage.

Ways Compounding Pharmacies Can Help In a Drug Shortage

There are several ways these pharmacies can help both doctors and patients in the event a similar shortage ever happens again.

Continues To Provide Life-Sustaining Medications

How Compounding Pharmacies can Help in a Drug Shortage - CPANo one wants to think that the medications they rely on to manage conditions or even survive may not be there one day. When you first start a prescription, it may take months of trial and error to find the right drug and dose for your needs.

With more and more class action suits being filed against manufacturers, some life-sustaining drugs are being taken off the market. This doesn’t mean that patients do not benefit from them though. Therefore, a compounding pharmacy can create the medications you need using the components and putting them into a customized compounded format that works best for you. This will keep you from having to find another, possibly less targeted or less effective medication to treat your symptoms.

Able To Provide Medications Even When Others Are Out Of Stock

Have you ever walked into your local pharmacy to pick up a pain medication or antibiotic that you desperately need only to find they are out of stock? This can be a stressful experience for anyone. Compounding pharmacies, like us here at The Compounding Pharmacy of America are never out of stock of the medications you need. This is because we can buy the chemical components for each drug in bulk and we can get it much easier than a doctor or regular pharmacy can. Once you turn in your compounding prescription we can combine the exact amount of each ingredient and make your medications.

Compounding Pharmacy That’s Here For You!

The anesthetic shortage in 2012 served as a wake-up call for many doctors and their patients. Luckily, many resourceful doctors looked at alternative ways to get the medications they needed to treat their patients. Compounding pharmacies offer a great alternative to conventional medication dispensing that can be beneficial in times of crisis.

Ask your doctor about compounding prescriptions to meet your individual needs or give us a call now! We are here to help you live a better and healthier life!