Preventative Medicine: When, How And Why

If you are like the majority of people, you probably only visit a doctor when you are sick. What if you could prevent certain illnesses before they take over your life? Many doctors are beginning to practice preventative medicine to help their patients avoid certain conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and certain types of cancer. There are a variety of ways that doctors use preventative medicine to help their patients.

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When Preventative Medicine Is Used

If you have recently had lab work completed that shows you have risk factors for certain preventable diseases, your doctor may have recommended changes to help prevent them. Women who are at an elevated risk for breast cancer according to genetic testing are given the option to undergo a complete mastectomy to prevent getting cancer. Abnormal pap smears may reveal a possibility of cervical cancer allowing doctors to remove any abnormal cells before they mutate and spread. This type of treatment helps to prevent a disease before it occurs rather than after it has taken over your body.

How Preventative Medicine Is Used

Your doctor may recommend supplements or medications that can help keep these conditions from becoming life altering. Patients at risk for obesity are often advised to change their diet and begin a light to moderate exercise plan as a way to lose weight. By controlling your weight, you may also be able to prevent yourself from developing diabetes as the most at risk patients are those that are overweight. If you are a smoker, your doctor may recommend ways to quit smoking or alternatives to smoking such as e-cigarettes.

Why Preventative Medicine Is Used

Many chronic conditions do not have a known cure. There are treatments available to control symptoms but you may live with these conditions for the rest of your life. The best “cure” for many chronic conditions is prevention. Therefore, many doctors are looking at the risk factors for certain conditions and recommending lifestyle changes that can help prevent disease.

Prevention And Healing Through Customized Pharmacy Compounds

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