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Seven Signs You May Be Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

7 Signs You Have ED

Health issues regarding the penis, testes, and other genitals are often an unusually sensitive subject. When those issues concern sexual arousal, however, many men avoid discussing them, even with their doctors or partners. Too often, arousal issues remain hidden until they begin to affect the self-esteem of both man and his partner. ED can also […]

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What Really Causes Erectile Dysfunction? 5 Common Causes of ED

5 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

No man wants to talk about it and there is a stigma associated with impotence which can make anyone shy. Although understandable, having that talk is quite necessary and can actually be a matter of life and death. Speaking to one’s doctor about the common causes of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is important because it could […]

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Why People Over 55 Should Consider Compounding Rx for Accuracy and Efficacy

Why People Over 55 Should Consider Compounding Rx For Accuracy And Efficacy

Older adults, especially people over 55, face many unique concerns when it comes to their personal health. The Compounding Pharmacy of America offers a wide range of medication services that can make it easier for older adults to track and manage their medications. Older adults who take multiple medications, have sensitivities to additives or preservatives, […]

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Low Testosterone: Natural Aging or a Lack of Male Hormones?

Low testosterone in men is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a completely natural part of aging that affects everyone. If you’re under 30 and experiencing a drop in testosterone, however, you may have a hormone imbalance. There are low testosterone treatments available for men that could increase your overall health and happiness. An Overview […]

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Compounding Pharmacy of America Ships Prescriptions to 12 Different States

Safely Shipping Prescriptions to 12 States

Access Across the Nation With the Compounding Pharmacy Millions of Americans rely on prescription medications to live fuller lives, and it’s important to know the options when searching for the right pharmacy. Some patients struggle with taking standard prescriptions or may require specialized combinations. 12 Services From the Compounding Pharmacy of America It’s vital to […]

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Common Medications That Can Be Compounded Into Pain Creams

Standard medication doses and delivery options aren’t always enough. Many pharmacies offer only limited choices, which may not be safe or smart for special needs cases. These individuals may be forced to take matters into their hands or skip their doses. There are a variety of situations that can require alternative medications, including: Children who […]

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Quick Guide To Topical Pain Relief And Compounded Topical Pain Gels

The Difference Between Oral And Topical Medications

When you have a headache, toothache, or muscle pain, your first instinct is to reach for a pill. While oral medications can be useful, they do have some distinct disadvantages. For example, many pain pills carry some risk of dependency, and oral anti-inflammatory medications can have harmful side effects with long-term usage. How well do […]

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