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The Compounding Pharmacy of America: Shipping to Georgia Pharmacy Patients

Compounding Prescription Services for Georgia Residents The Compounding Pharmacy of America is proud to offer compounding services to Georgia residents. If you are looking for a Georgia online pharmacy, The Compounding Pharmacy of America delivers prescription orders to customers in the state with an easy and reliable alternative to traditional pharmacies. Patients who come to […]

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Are Compounding Pharmacies Safe?

The Myths And Benefits Of Compounded Prescription Drugs

Compounding describes the practice of combining prescription medications in a controlled environment. Licensed pharmacists, physicians, or outsourcing facilities perform compounding under close supervision to create medications tailored to individual patients. Many patients take several medications or have sensitivities to certain compounds, additives, or other medications, and therefore need a more customized approach to their prescriptions. […]

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Compounding Corticosteroids For Psoriasis

Psoriasis Treatment With Compounded Medications

Create a Custom Compound for Psoriasis People with psoriasis know that it is about more than itchy patches of skin. The inflamed areas burn and itch. Additionally, visible psoriasis leaves scaly red patches of skin and can be unsightly and embarrassing. At the Compounding Pharmacy of America, we understand the challenge of psoriasis. With an […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Compounded Hospice Medications?

Compounded Hospice Medications

Hospice care for a loved one can be a difficult, yet important decision to make for a loved one. This type of care is available to those who have been diagnosed with either a critical or a terminal illness. For patients going through this type of situation, specialized medicines may be required, not only to […]

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My Corner Pharmacy Stopped Selling My Prescription – What Can I Do?

Pharmacy Stopped My Prescription-Compounding Unavailable Medications

When we get a prescription from the doctor, we naturally present it at the pharmacy and expect that it will be filled right away. If your pharmacist was unable to fill your prescription because they had stopped providing the medication, what would you do? It would no doubt be a very distressing situation. Some medications […]

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Why Are Generic Drugs Getting More Expensive?

Reasons Why Generic Drugs Are Getting More Expensive-Compoundingrxusa

American consumers have several choices in where they buy their medications, ranging from their neighborhood drug store to a licensed compounding pharmacy. The vast majority of prescriptions dispensed in the country (over 80 percent) are generic. Over the past decade, several popular drugs have gone off patent and some retailers offered incentives to consumers who […]

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The Impact And Changes Of Both Pharmacies And Compounding Pharmacies

Changes Of Pharmacies & Compounding Pharmacies - CompoundingRXUSA

Nothing stays the same, and this is true in the way health care is delivered as in other industries. Specialty pharmacies, including compounding pharmacies, are a newer and growing pharmacy option. Customers want solutions that fit their specific needs and are looking to pharmacies to lead the way in providing solutions. With millions of customers […]

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How Compounding Pharmacies Can Help In A Drug Shortage

How Compounding Pharmacies can Help in a Drug Shortage - CPA

In 2012, doctors, surgeons, and dentists across the country were feeling the effects of an anesthetic drug shortage. This can change the way patients are treated for many conditions. You wouldn’t want to undergo surgery without a strong anesthetic. These doctors began turning to compounding pharmacies to create the anesthetic medications they needed to help […]

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What’s The Difference Between A Compounding Pharmacy And Your Corner Pharmacy?

Benefits Of A Compounding Pharmacy - CompoundingRXUSA.com

If you have recently visited your doctor regarding an ongoing health concern, you have probably discussed treatment options. Many times, your doctor will recommend a prescription or two to help relieve your symptoms. We believe that not all people are created the same and deserve an individualized approach to treatment. That is why we offer […]

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Regular Pharmacy vs. Compounding Pharmacy: A Beginner’s Guide

If you are one of the many people who suffer from a chronic condition, you may know that many traditional medications can cause significant side effects. Many doctors will prescribe commonly used prescriptions that can be picked up at a regular pharmacy. However, if alternative treatments or custom treatments are needed, then our compounding pharmacy […]

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