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The Compounding Pharmacy of America: Shipping to Georgia Pharmacy Patients

Compounding Prescription Services for Georgia Residents The Compounding Pharmacy of America is proud to offer compounding services to Georgia residents. If you are looking for a Georgia online pharmacy, The Compounding Pharmacy of America delivers prescription orders to customers in the state with an easy and reliable alternative to traditional pharmacies. Patients who come to […]

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How To Find Medications On Backorder Or No Longer Available

How To Find Medications On Backorder Or That Have Been Discontinued

It can be devastating to find out a medication you depend on daily is on backorder or is no longer available. Hearing this news can stir up panic and uncertainty, however, there are options out there to get you the medication you need. Pharmaceutical Compounding For Backorders Oftentimes, the unavailability of a drug is due […]

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Highlights Of Our Compounding Pharmacy Online Services

Pharmaceutical Compounding - What You Should Know

Pharmaceutical compounding is a viable alternative to traditional pharmacy services and can offer a flexibility for patients in need of medication options. When medications are discontinued or placed on backorder, it can affect a patient’s quality of life. Reaching out to a provider such as Compounding Pharmacy of America provides that second chance for patients […]

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$750 Drug Costs $1 When Compounding Pharmacy Gets Involved

Recently, the public was shocked to learn that the price of one previously inexpensive medicine, Daraprim, was going to be increased from the sum of $13.50 per dose to $750.00 per by Turing Pharmaceuticals, after the company bought the rights to distribute the medication. Daraprim is a type of anti-parasitic medication used for the prevention […]

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My Corner Pharmacy Stopped Selling My Prescription – What Can I Do?

Pharmacy Stopped My Prescription-Compounding Unavailable Medications

When we get a prescription from the doctor, we naturally present it at the pharmacy and expect that it will be filled right away. If your pharmacist was unable to fill your prescription because they had stopped providing the medication, what would you do? It would no doubt be a very distressing situation. Some medications […]

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