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Advantage Compounding Has On Pet Owners

Saint Bernard Puppy

The Beginning Of Love I was sitting in my room watching Family Matters when my mother called my brother and I to help with the groceries. With the expected pace of a snail, I slowly made my way out the door and to the parked truck. When I opened the back hatch, prepared to carry […]

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Dog Allergy Relief Medications – Can A Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy Uniquely Help?

Upside Down Dog On Couch-Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

Like their human owners, dogs can be vulnerable to allergies. The symptoms of allergies can make your four-legged canine companion’s skin itchy and/or irritated. We all love our animals and want to help them in any way possible. Are you looking for dog allergy relief and medications? Find out what signs to be aware of […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Compounded Pet Medication For My Household Animal?

Compounded Pet Medications For Dogs, Cats-CompoundingRXUSA.com

When your pet has an ailment and you go to a veterinarian, you may think the worst is behind you once a medication is suggested for the critter. However, you may not be in the clear yet. A number of complications may surround the desired medication: It may no longer be available, the pet may […]

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Compounding Spotlight: Veterinary Compounding

Veterinary Compounding Solutions-Compounding Pharmacy of America

With this Compounding Spotlight, we are focusing on Veterinary Compounding and the benefits. Pets are members of the family and when they need to take medicine, it can be stressful for everyone – including the pets themselves! Sometimes, the issue is that the pet doesn’t like the flavor of the medicine. The issue could also […]

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How Can I Know If My Pet Can Benefit From Veterinary Compounding?

If you are a pet owner, you know that there are times when your furry friend needs to take a medication. Whether it is for an infection, allergic reaction, or injury, these medications are important. There are several reasons how your pet can benefit and why you should order your veterinary medications from a compounding […]

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5 Reasons To Use A Compounding Pharmacy

5 Reasons To Use A Compounding Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy of America

Prior to the 1940’s almost all prescriptions were compounded. In the decades since, mass drug production has largely taken over. In recent years, however, prescription compounding has experienced resurgence due to the many benefits it provides. More and more medical professionals are prescribing compounded medications to individuals and pets alike; serving as an attractive alternative […]

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Veterinary General Compounding – We Can Customize Your Pet’s Medicines

Veterinary general compounding is a special service sometimes required for your pet’s specific medical needs. Typical examples of veterinary compounding at The Compounding Pharmacy of America include the addition of flavoring to a drug, the preparation of an oral paste, mixing two injectable prescriptions into a new medication, adjusting dosage sizes and more. Veterinary Compounding […]

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