What Are The Benefits Of Compounded Pet Medication For My Household Animal?

Compounded Pet Medications For Dogs, Cats-CompoundingRXUSAWhen your pet has an ailment and you go to a veterinarian, you may think the worst is behind you once a medication is suggested for the critter. However, you may not be in the clear yet.

A number of complications may surround the desired medication: It may no longer be available, the pet may not like the taste of it, or the method of administration just isn’t working.

If any of those scenarios ring true for you, there are some safe, alternative methods you can explore to get your pet the help it needs. One of the best options you can turn to is visiting someone who specializes in compounding pet medications. Compounding is the practice of combining, mixing or altering the ingredients of a drug to create a medication that’s palatable to the individual patient.

How Compounding Pet Medication Works

Compounded pet medications can treat a whole host of symptoms, such as allergies, cardiovascular disorders, eye irritation, diabetes, fleas and ticks, intestinal disorders, seizures, skin disorders and urinary incontinence. Compounding pharmacists can tailor medication to suit your pet’s needs through a number of ways, including increasing or decreasing doses on prescribed formulas, forming discontinued or hard-to-find medication, or adding flavoring to make the medication easier to administer orally.

When it comes to adding flavors to make the medication more agreeable to pets, compounding pharmacists often add tuna for cats; beef, chicken or dog-safe chocolate for dogs; and banana and other fruit flavors for birds. Additionally, compounding pharmacists are usually able to concoct a solution for pets who are having trouble taking medications by mouth, such as compounded medication suited for transdermal delivery.

Common Forms Of Compounded Pet Medications

Besides pet medication for transdermal delivery, compounding pharmacists are able to customize medications for animals into many different forms, including, but not limited to:

Chewable Pet Treats

Compounded pet medication can be served up in the form of a tasty treat, making the administration of the medicine simple and painless. Compounding pharmacists are able to add a flavor to the treat that your beloved critter will enjoy.

Custom Strength Medications

Sometimes a medication’s commercial form will either be too strong or too weak for your pet. If that’s the case, compounding pharmacists can adjust the strength of the medication to suit just about any size of animal.

Sugar-Free Medication For Diabetic Pets

Compounding pharmacists are well-trained in designing medication for diabetic patients, including household pets. Therefore, pharmacists offer a sugar-free version of just about any compounded pet medication that a diabetic pet needs.

Transdermal PLO Gels

Compounded pet medications are sometimes offered in gel form. When the medication is produced in this form, owners just need to gently rub it into an area of the animal’s ear where there is little to no hair. The medication then gets absorbed into the pet’s bloodstream.

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