What Is Krill Oil? – The Amazing Benefits of a Little-Known Sea Dweller


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Countless nutritional supplements line the shelves of stores today and finding the right ones to boost your health journey can be daunting. Fish oil is one of the most commonly used nutritional supplements in the US, but did you know that Earth’s oceans offer many other helpful substances that hold nutritional benefits? Krill oil is one example of this. It’s a supplement derived from the sea that holds significant health benefits. For some, its benefits have even surpassed those of fish oil.

From a clean eating standpoint, Krill is a much better option than fish oil, which contains certain levels of mercury and toxins. Krill live at the bottom of the ocean and are at the bottom of the food chain, which means they live off phytoplankton – not eating other fish who already have detectable levels of mercury. Additionally, Krill are harvested from our cleanest ocean, offering the purest source for omega-3.

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What Is Krill Oil?

Let’s start with the basics – what are krill? Krill are very tiny ocean-dwelling organisms that resemble shrimp. They travel through the sea in large colonies and are a primary food source for large filter-feeder animals such as baleen whales, rays, and whale sharks. The word “krill” is actually of Norwegian origin and translates to “whale food.” Though krill could be an abundant food source – it’s high in quality protein and low in heart-damaging fat – it’s not traditionally used in cooking.

Krill are actually too small to be a viable food source for humans, but people have found a way to take advantage of the nutritional benefits of krill by extracting the oil from collected krill and refining it into a nutritional supplement. When it comes to krill oil vs fish oil, both substances offer substantial health benefits to people who do not regularly consume fish and other seafoods, but krill oil offers some unique advantages over conventional fish oil.


Why Take Krill Oil Instead of Fish Oil?

Krill oil and fish oil share many nutritional benefits. They are both great sources of Omega-3 fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These substances are hard to find for some people yet provide several significant health benefits.

Studies report the human body absorbs krill oil more easily than fish oil. Other studies have concluded that fish oil provides a higher dose of Omega-3s than krill oil, but if a higher dose isn’t getting absorbed properly, the body isn’t likely getting the full benefits of the supplement. Other studies suggest that when comparing equivalent doses of krill oil and fish oil, krill oil generates higher EPA and DHA levels in the blood. Though both substances offer health benefits, it’s clear that krill offers a level beyond what fish oil can offer.

Health Effects of Taking Krill Oil

Krill oil benefits extend far beyond Omega-3 supplementation. While the high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids in krill oil is certainly a nutritious benefit of taking this supplement, this is not the only benefit you might experience by adding krill oil to your everyday diet. Here are a few other health benefits of this amazing natural supplement.

Krill Oil Is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Treatment

Many people struggle with inflammation due to various medical conditions, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic inflammation from all types of ailments. Conventional treatments for inflammation typically involve pharmaceuticals, some of which entail unpleasant side effects or the possibility of adverse reactions. Some studies suggest krill oil can be more effective than concentrated Omega-3s when it comes to fighting inflammation. According to this research, krill oil can subdue the molecules that cause inflammation, and a 300-milligram daily dose of krill oil for one month can be enough to reduce a marker for inflammation by up to 30%.

Since krill oil is an effective natural anti-inflammatory substance, it can potentially improve the symptoms experienced by people with arthritis and chronic joint pain.

These uses require further scientific testing, but early results of tests performed on laboratory mice have proven very promising. Research suggests that krill oil’s anti-inflammation properties could make it a tool to battle arthritis and other painful joint conditions.

Krill Oil Could Improve Heart Health

The DHA and EPA Omega-3 fats found in krill oil are very important for healthy heart functions. Krill oil can reduce triglyceride levels in the blood and improve blood lipid levels. Many tests have been conducted to compare the benefits of krill oil and refined pure Omega-3 supplements. While pure Omega-3s have proven to be more effective at reducing triglycerides, only krill oil can boost high-density-lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, the “good cholesterol.” Other heart-friendly benefits of krill oil include its superior performance when it comes to improving insulin resistance scores and boosting resistance to many forms of heart disease.


Taking Krill Oil Could Reduce Symptoms of PMS

Women who experience significant premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms such as cramping and abdominal pain may want to consider taking krill oil. Studies have shown krill oil can reduce pain and lower inflammation levels commonly seen as symptoms of PMS. Another study found that women who took krill oil supplements felt the need to take far less pain medication for PMS symptoms than women who did not take krill oil supplements. While more extensive studies on the effects of krill oil for PMS symptoms are needed before firm conclusions may be drawn, the results from available studies are very promising.

Which Type of Krill Oil Should I Take?

Krill oil has gained significant popularity over recent years as an alternative to fish oil due to its many benefits, but there are countless krill oil products available on the supplement market today. If you’re interested in the best krill oil, take the time to look for a krill oil made from Antarctic krill, also called Euphausia superba. This variety of krill is larger than other species and therefore contains denser Omega-3 concentration. If you’re going to start taking krill oil, it’s best to choose a high-quality Antarctic krill oil supplement you can easily add to your diet.

How to Safely Add Krill Oil to Your Diet

If you’ve already seen the benefits of taking krill oil, you may be looking for bulk orders to ensure you always have this supplement for you and your family. When it comes to bulk supplements, krill oil is readily available from Compounding Pharmacy of America. Though other suppliers offer krill oil, it’s best to purchase it from a reputable business whose practices you can trust.
When you purchase krill oil from a compounding pharmacy, your supplement can be created to your specifications. From potency to type of delivery, expect krill oil supplements to be created in a way that makes adding this amazing supplement to your diet easy.


Taking Krill Oil With Compounding

While you can find krill oil supplements over the counter or on the internet, some supplements contain additives that may conflict with your dietary requirements or food allergies. For example, some people cannot tolerate gluten or gelatin and require specialized formulas for their medications and supplements. At the Compounding Pharmacy of America, we provide our customers with fully customized medications and supplements that meet their individual needs.

If you are interested in taking krill oil to supplement your diet but are unsure whether conventional oral capsules are appropriate for you, we can help. The Compounding Pharmacy of America provides medications and supplements in custom dosages and delivery forms to accommodate our customers’ unique needs. If you cannot take oral supplements due to a medical issue, we can provide you with your medications and supplements in liquid form. If you want to blend your medications and supplements into a single daily dose that’s easier to manage, we can compound your medications and supplements to your specifications in a safe and effective capsule.


Add Krill Oil to Your Supplement Regimen With the Compounding Pharmacy of America

Krill oil contains many of the same benefits as fish oil, but available research suggests that the human body may be able to absorb krill oil more effectively than fish oil. Some studies conclude that krill oil could contain more heart health-boosting nutrients and higher antioxidant concentration than fish oil, and krill oil is also more accessible and cheaper than fish oil. Even high-quality krill oil supplements rival the prices of mid-range fish oil, so you can get a much better product at a lower price.

The Compounding Pharmacy of America will work with you to create a fully customized supplement with krill oil. Whether you simply want to blend all of your daily supplements into a single daily dose or add krill oil to your current medications, we can work with you to determine the most effective solution for your needs. Speak with your doctor about the potential krill oil might hold for your personal medical needs, and then contact the Compounding Pharmacy of America to learn more about our compounding services.

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