Why Are Generic Drugs Getting More Expensive?

American consumers have several choices in where they buy their medications, ranging from their neighborhood drug store to a licensed compounding pharmacy. The vast majority of prescriptions dispensed in the country (over 80 percent) are generic.

Over the past decade, several popular drugs have gone off patent and some retailers offered incentives to consumers who bought generic medications. During the same period, prices either held steady or declined, saving consumers a significant amount of money.

Things have recently changed however, when it comes to the prices of generic drugs.

Consumers Facing Higher Prices For Generic Drugs

Recently, prices for some generic drugs have increased quite significantly over a relatively short period of time, prompting the Senate Subcommittee on Health and Aging to launch an investigation into why prices for generic drugs have taken such a sudden jump.

Why Generic Drugs Are Getting More Expensive

Prices have been on the rise due to a couple of factors:

  • Reasons Why Generic Drugs Are Getting More Expensive-CompoundingrxusaRegulatory measures were put into place that amended incentives for companies producing generic drugs and reduced competition within the industry. Walmart offered a $4.00 generic program for consumers, and other retailers followed suit. While this was a definite advantage for buyers, it proved difficult for companies to make a profit when the product was being sold at such low prices. Generic manufacturers were put in a position where they had to either cut costs or get out of the market entirely.
  • Companies that opted to outsource production of generic drugs raised a number of issues affecting their products. Offshore factories are more difficult for government agencies to inspect and are more likely to have production issues. They also tend to get shut down more often than facilities located on US soil.

Buy From A Licensed Compounding Pharmacy

For consumers, buying medications from a licensed compounding pharmacy still provides good value, even though the cost of generic drugs have gone up recently.

At Compounding Pharmacy of America, we believe that commercially manufactured medications aren’t always the best choice for all patients. Why should you pay extra to special order the medications you need, when we can provide them in the precise formulations or dosage requirements you need at a lower cost?

We have a very simple goal: to give you the highest possible quality and customer service at unbeatable prices.

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