Why Every Mom Should Consider A Compounding Pharmacy For Their Child

As a parent, you do the very best you can to make sure that your child is happy and healthy. There will be times though, when things don’t run smoothly at home and you have to deal with a sick child.

While you may wish that you could switch places with your child during these stressful times, the next best thing is to make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions precisely to help the healing process. You also comfort your child in the ways that work best for them: cuddling them, reading to them (if they are too young to read to themselves), making sure they have extra pillows, making sure they are eating and drinking enough as they recover and administering their medication.

Why Every Mom Should Consider A Compounding Pharmacy

Giving Medicine To Your Child Can Be Challenging

When children are not feeling well, it can be difficult to get them to take medicine that will help them to feel better. Young children who are too little to be reasoned with cannot understand the connection between taking what the doctor has prescribed and shortening the time they will feel miserable. And older children may not feel like cooperating with taking their prescribed medication either.

You know the medicine won’t help your child unless they take the full dose, as prescribed. Fighting with your child to get them to take it only gets both of you upset, and may lead to the child not receiving the entire prescribed dose.

Solutions From A Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy

You may be wondering how a pediatric compounding pharmacy can help.

The Compounding Pharmacy of America can prepare customized medications, including different forms that your child will find easier to take. If you have been struggling to get your child to take a liquid medication, we can prepare it in a lollipop, capsule, a gummy or a topical gel.

Children Playing-Pediatric Compounding PharmacyIf your child is having difficulty taking a liquid medication because they don’t like the taste, our compounding pharmacists can prepare one in a flavor your child prefers. Some children have an aversion to their medication’s color, and we can help ensure that the formula is one that looks attractive to them as well.

Since children grow at different rates, we understand that a standard dose of medicine may not be right for your child when they become ill. Since each dose is prepared individually, we can work with your child’s pediatrician to prepare the correct dosage for their needs.

Dealing with a sick child is challenging for any mom, but having a compounding pharmacy on your side can give you peace of mind by preparing medicine your child will want to take, in the right dose.

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