Why You Should Choose A Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy To Fulfill Your Children’s Medicine

It’s can be difficult to deal with children when they are ill, much less trying to get them to take medicine. Some little ones simply refuse to take anything when they are sick, even if you explain to them that it will help them to feel better. Even if you do get the message across that the medicine is for their benefit, the taste or texture of the medicine may make it challenging to get them to take it. A pediatric compounding pharmacy can help you.

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Why Choose A Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy

There are several valuable reasons why you should choose a pediatric compounding pharmacy  to fulfill your children’s medicine, including:

Customized Pediatric Forms

If your child is having trouble taking his or her medication in certain forms, our compound pharmacists can prepare it in something that is easier to swallow or chew. We can customize your child’s medicine into a pleasant-tasting liquid, lollipop, gummy, or even a topical pain gel, if applicable.

Customized Medication Dosages

Children may need a unique dose of medication due to their age, weight or other variable. Our compounding pharmacists can work with your child’s doctor to ensure that the dosage will be the correct one for your child’s specific needs.

Customized Ingredients

Commercially prepared medications can contain ingredients that may prove problematic to a child with sensitivities or allergies. We can prepare prescriptions which are gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free, etc., on request to ensure that your child is receiving a medication that is safe for them.

We Will Work With Your Pediatrician

It can be stressful dealing with a sick child and whether or not they properly take their medication.

Our pediatric compounding services have worked with children of all ages. We will work with your doctor to find a solution that will work for you and your child, whether you need medication on a one-time basis or your needs are long-term.

Be sure to ask your doctor about getting your child’s medication compounded. We would be happy to make suggestions about the best form for your child based on his or her age, the medication prescribed and your child’s needs.

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