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Erectile Dysfunction

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Happen?

Psychological Causes of ED

Most people perceive ED as an older man’s condition, but many patients with this type of sexual dysfunction are well under the age of 50. In a recent study, 25 percent of men seeking advice from a medical practitioner for the first time about ED concerns were under the age of 40. Emotional life traumas, stress, depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem can bring about erectile dysfunction in a man at any age though the risks increase with age.

Physical Causes of ED

ED can manifest after an injury, fatigue, or taking certain medications for other health conditions. Those who smoke cigarettes, consume alcohol regularly, or use illicit drugs such as cocaine, can experience ED. Erectile dysfunction can also be an indicator of another issue such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. This is why ED should not be ignored and getting a medical consultation that involves a comprehensive assessment of overall health is recommended to effectively treat erectile dysfunction and other issues that are compromising overall wellbeing.

The Vicious Cycle of ED

Whether the ED is due to psychological, emotional or physical conditions (or in combination of) without help, erectile dysfunction will continue and worsen, which can exacerbate other health conditions. As a result, each ailment feeds the other. The longer a man waits to seek advice and treatment, the longer it can take to achieve the desired results.

Treatment for ED Is Real and Available

Since the early-to-mid 90s, men have gone to great lengths to obtain a little blue pill, known as Viagra. The pinnacle formula for treating erectile dysfunction, Viagra or its competitor products Cialis and Levitra have gained popularity over the years as a wonder drug for sexual health.

But this medication isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. To minimize health risks and exorbitant costs associated with these products, Compounding Pharmacy of America can formulate erectile dysfunction medication in a manner that is right for every man, through a variety of choices.

Compounded Tadalafil Troches or Viagra

ED products are available for use through oral administration, typically in the form of a small, coated tablet. It can also be administered as a troche, which is similar to a throat lozenge. By taking a Tadalafil (Cialis) troche and allowing it to slowly dissolve on the tongue, the active ingredients in this ED medication get infused through mucous membranes in the cheek and into the bloodstream. Their efficacy can be felt as soon as 30 minutes after.

ED Treatment and Affordability

Many health insurance companies have taken ED drugs from their list of approved medications that they cover. This has left many men seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction to pay cash for treatment protocols. Others have resorted to online resources for ED meds outside the United States that go beyond the legal and safe Viagra regulations set forth by the Federal Drug Administration. In light of the unsafe environments of underground drug manufacturers, distributors and the growing epidemic of fatal synthetic drug additives in many medications, working with a trusted, licensed erectile dysfunction pharmacy is a secure and affordable pathway to long term treatment for ED.

Are ED Medications Safe?

Like any medication, Tadalafil, Sildenafil (Viagra) and Levitra should be prescribed by a doctor after a consultation and medical assessment has been made. As a man’s health changes and evolves over time, ED prescriptions should be revisited to reassess need, dosage and frequency of use.

These types of drugs are also used for the benefit of decreasing pulmonary artery resistance and fostering cardiovascular protections where low blood flow is present. As such, ED medication users will report dizziness or lightheadedness and low blood pressure.


Effective Treatment for ED

Before using any erectile dysfunction medication, consult with your doctor about a complete heath program that can alleviate the occurrence of ED and bolster greater wellness. A customized compounding ED medication can be part of it, in addition to counseling and adopting daily mindfulness practices to address emotional triggers of stress.

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