Medical Home Test Kits Have Made Their Mark on the Health Care Industry

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Home Test Kits

One of the biggest trends in personal health care today is the increasing use of home test kits to diagnose an ever-increasing range of medical issues. Since the first home pregnancy test kits hit the market over 35 years ago, we have seen the use of these products expand to include everything from Alzheimer’s disease and sexually transmitted diseases to stomach ulcers and various types of cancer. Many consumers have taken advantage of the availability of genetic testing kits as they research their ancestry, and diabetics have found home test kits to be a vital component of their daily regimen in testing their blood sugar levels.

Perhaps the greatest selling point of home test kits is the level of privacy they provide to consumers. When pregnancy tests first became available, women enjoyed the comfort of finding out whether efforts to conceive were successful or not in the privacy of their own homes, without having to schedule a doctor appointment.

In-Home Test Kits Offer Speed, Accuracy

As the technology of in-home testing kits has advanced, the other most prominent benefit in using these kits is the speed and accuracy of getting results that affect the course of action patients will take in their health care decisions. As these test kits continue to revolutionize personal health care, Compounding Pharmacy of America is working to provide the best kits available to our clientele. Look at some of the kits we have available on our website.

Weight Management Test Kits

If you are concerned that hormonal imbalances may be affecting your weight, or if you are having problems losing weight and staying in a healthy range for your body type, our weight management test kit may be ideal for you. This product is used for screening and can indicate anything from diabetes and metabolic syndrome risk to insulin resistance. Your test results typically arrive within a week from the time we receive your test.

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Weight Management Test Kits

Sleep Balance Tests

Sleep Balance Tests

This test is intended to test your circadian rhythm, as it is affected by the relationship between your urinary free cortisol (UFC) and melatonin. The sleep balance test involves collecting urine on filter strips throughout the day at four times when cortisol and melatonin production are at their peak. It assesses dysfunction in your sleep/wake cycle. You don’t need to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to collect a sample when you use this test. The first time you void urine when you wake up is representative of the eight hours you were asleep and the peak of melatonin production that occurred overnight. When you use this test, you can expect your results five to seven days after the test is returned to us.

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Fertility Profile Home Tests

If you have concerns about infertility and the hormone imbalances within your body that may be affecting your condition, the fertility profile home test kit may be able to provide critical feedback on the problems you are experiencing. The results of your fertility profile home test are typically available within five to seven business days of the time your test arrives at our lab.

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Fertility Profile Home Tests
Saliva Hormone Test Kits

Saliva Hormone Test Kits

Saliva hormone testing serves various purposes and is available in various single or multiple test panels. Mark the panels you want results for when you use the kit. Panels available include:

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Single Test Panels:

  • Estriol (E3)
  • Estrone (E1)
  • Cortisol (C)
  • DHEAS (DS)
  • Testosterone (T)
  • Progesterone (Pg)
  • Estradiol (E2)

Multiple Test Panels:

  • LCMS Saliva Steroid Panel
  • Diurnal Cortisol
  • Hormone Trio – Saliva
  • Adrenal Stress Profile
  • Male/Female Saliva Profile I
  • Male/Female Saliva Profile II
  • Male/Female Saliva Profile III

Adrenal Stress Test Kits

Many stressors can affect your adrenal hormone levels and changes you may be experiencing. Physical stressors that you may experience include extreme exercise, pain, caffeine consumption, and sleep deprivation. However, you may also suffer from continuous stress related to emotional factors such as occupational, financial, and marital issues. These factors may lead to variations in your adrenal hormones and cause all sorts of health issues, including anxiety and infertility. When you send your adrenal stress test kit back to us, you can expect to receive your results within a week.

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Adrenal Stress Test Kits
Neurotransmitters Test Kits

Neurotransmitters Test Kits

The neurotransmitter test kit is a tool that can be used to assess a variety of psychological conditions. This will help you evaluate the cause of problems that may include ADHD/ADD, OCD, lack of libido or ambition, mood disorders, and adrenal dysfunction. The home test kit focuses on the patient’s chemistry and helps health care providers select precisely targeted treatments. We also offer an array of add-ons to this test kit that are not available unless combined with the neurotransmitter test. These test results are available to the individual within five to seven business days of the kit’s arrival at the lab.

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How Do Home Test Kits Work?

One of the questions consumers have is whether home testing is a difficult process, and how they go about performing the test and getting their results. The benefit of testing at home is not only the privacy it affords but the ease with which an individual may go about testing. The process involves a few simple steps that you are certain to find accommodating to your lifestyle.

  1. Obtain the test kit that pertains to your concerns. Once you look at the selection of home test kits available and select the one best suited to your needs, place your order, and the kit will be delivered directly to your home. When it arrives, it will include prepaid shipping materials to return your sample to our lab.
  2. Sample collection in the privacy of your own home. After you order your test kit, a board-certified doctor will review your order and approve the use of the product. You follow the instructions for sample collection and return your sample to our lab in the mail.
  3. Wait about a week for results. Your digital results are typically available on our secure platform for you to view within five to seven business days. Once you receive the results, you may share them with your physician and determine the best course of action for the issues affecting your health.

Home Test Kit in the Mail

Why Is Home Health Important?

Home test kits are just one of the ways that we can ensure the best in home health. Patients worldwide are suffering from a growing number of physical and psychological health concerns and issues all the time. Some diseases are preventable, while many are genetic, but having an accurate diagnosis helps treat many of these problems. One of the largest factors in personal health care is that many individuals don’t have the knowledge of how to keep up an active, healthy lifestyle, and this can have damaging effects on one’s overall health.

Most people know that it is essential to live in a clean environment and maintain basic hygiene protocols to ensure that they and their families stay healthy. However, many don’t recognize the vital importance of regular physical activity and a healthy diet in maintaining their health goals. Heart disease and diabetes are just two of the many diseases and disorders one may develop if they do not acknowledge the need for proper diet and exercise.

Convenience is often the key factor in keeping up with our rigorous daily schedules, and fast food has become a way to cut down on the time it takes to prepare healthy meals. Besides our dependence on quick meals, skipping meals has become another way to adjust to busy schedules. When you take the time to focus on a proper diet, however, you not only choose foods that satisfy your hunger, but you include nutrients that make you function in a more productive and healthy manner.

When both parents work full time to provide for a typical family, it is easy to let these factors fall by the wayside. The last thing most people want to do after putting in a full day of work is to go to the grocery store or spend time preparing a healthy dinner. As everyone is hungry after a busy day, it is often most convenient to call and order a pizza or some other type of take-out food. Unfortunately, all that this food does, in most cases, is satisfy the need to eat, instead of providing the wholesome nutrition vital in maintaining proper health.

Home Exercise

When you are raising a family, it is essential to teach your children the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. This should begin with breakfast. The first meal of the day provides the necessary energy to get the day started at work or school. Stressing the importance of a healthy lunch at midday is also of utmost importance, as many adults and adolescents choose to skip this meal. When you have three square meals a day, your metabolism and body functions can perform at their best.

Why Do Test Kits Improve Home Health Efforts?

With the growing interest in home health, and saving time and money by visiting a doctor for testing, home test kits have become increasingly available over the counter. These innovative tests allow individuals to collect samples for testing themselves and then interpret the results at home and decide how to proceed. Depending on the nature of the specific test, some results may be available immediately, while others require the test to be sent to a lab for analysis.

Convenience is the selling point with home test kits, as practically any individual can use the products in the privacy and comfort of home. It is important to recognize that these products are a tool to help patients determine the course of their professional health care, and they are not meant to take away from the need for proper follow-up and treatment. These kits, which are often helpful in preventing further health issues, provide a fast, easy way to detect many diseases and determine whether one is getting the appropriate nutrition.

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What Are the Benefits of Home Test Kits?

Home test kits are not the same tests that would necessarily be provided by a doctor in a professional health care environment, but they have benefits that most consumers find to be essential to their overall health. Some of these benefits include:

  • Data collection. When you use home health test kits, your data is often anonymously added to large databases that use the information for research that improves medical care. Some of these databases have millions of participants, and the information gathered is vital to medical research.
  • Ease of use. In most cases, sample collection is very non-invasive and easy to perform. Results are typically returned in an efficient, fast time frame.
  • Savings. Professional testing at a doctor’s office for many of the issues that home test kits are available for is often an expensive undertaking. Home test kits are relatively inexpensive in comparison.
  • Availability. When you choose to buy home testing kits, you do not need to obtain approval from your health care provider or insurance company.
  • Staying ahead of the game. When you use home test kits to monitor issues you are experiencing, it allows you to be proactive in seeking treatment for your health care concerns.
  • Gaining information. Home health care test kits give you an assessment of personalized information regarding your health, risk of disease, and vital statistics.

Are There Any Risks to Home Testing?

Although there are very few risks to home testing, there are a few limitations to current products. Some things to consider include:

  • If you don’t fully comprehend the results of your home test kit, or if you don’t look at the complete analysis of the test, you could make the wrong decisions about seeking further treatment from a medical professional.
  • At times, patients receive results regarding their health, ancestry, or family relationships that they were not expecting from home test kits. If you experience this circumstance, it can be very stressful and cause unintended anxiety.
  • These test kits cannot always indicate without a doubt whether you will get a specific disease.
  • As the home test kit industry is evolving and growing, you may not be able to find a test for the exact traits and health conditions you are seeking.

Keep in mind that home test kits are meant to be used as a tool to provide a simple diagnosis for health concerns that you may need to seek further medical attention to treat. Environmental and genetic factors such as your family medical history and lifestyle choices can determine whether you will develop various disorders or diseases. You should always consult your physician or medical professional to discuss the result of home test kits or any issues that you may be experiencing that cannot be assessed by home testing. When you use these modern tools in coordination with proper diet and exercise, and the expertise of trained medical professionals, you increase your chances of detecting diseases early and treating disorders that could have devastating long-term effects on your health.

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