Change in Avastin Services

The Compounding Pharmacy of America is disappointed to inform our customers and potential customers that we will no longer be offering Avastin products for opthalmology and retina specialties. This is a proactive decision on our part due to the incredible and unfair scrutiny brought onto our industry  in the wake of the New England Compounding Center meningitis contamination event. It is a gut-wrenching and emotional decision on our part due to the fact that we know how Avastin has saved many patient’s sight by arresting macular degeneration. However, the FDA only sees that it is a “sterile product” and is repackaged in large batches. This makes pharmacies providing Avastin for opthalmology public enemy number one in the FDA’s eyes. Meanwhile, the commercial product costs literally 1000 times what the Avastin does for the patient. It is a terrible position to be in for the retina centers, ophthalmologists, and especially the patients. That is why, even though we have a perfect record for our sterile products to this day, we have made the decision to cease providing this service.

We have begun the process of transitioning our existing Avastin accounts to other pharmacies at this time, and will be happy to provide a referral to another pharmacy for any new accounts who may need it.We will, of course, continue to provide excellent customized pharmaceutical products that you know and expect from the Compounding Pharmacy of America.

I would urge everyone who depends upon compounded pharmaceutical products to contact their congress member and senators to voice opposition to Senate Bill 959, which will heavily restrict our services to patients and prescribers.