Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

Our Pet Compounding Pharmacy Provides Solutions for Your Pets

Owners tell us their pets are so clever they run away the minute they hear the sound of the refrigerator the medication is stored in opening!  We have flavors, like beef, chicken, liver, and tuna, that your furry friends will not only tolerate but enjoy! In fact, in many cases owners tell us their cats come running when the refrigerator door opens, because they love their medicine!

Examples of veterinary compounding flavors include:

  • Tuna for cats
  • Beef, chicken, or “dog-safe” chocolate for the pooches
  • Banana and other fruity flavors for birds

And if your furry friend simply cannot take any medications by mouth, we can prepare some pet medications in a form where the animal does not have to swallow at all!

Transdermal delivery of medication allows owners to administer medications noninvasively. A measured amount (usually 0.1ml, an amount half the size of a pea) of a specially prepared gel is applied to a hairless area inside the tip of the ear. The special gel allows the drug to be absorbed through the skin. This procedure is painless, tasteless, and simple. Your pet may not even know he or she is getting a medication. This can lead to better patient compliance and less owner frustration.

Another common issue is that commercial pet medications may be available in only one size or strength. For example, one tablet may be too large to give to a cat, but a large dog may need several tablets to ensure the correct dose. We can create a preparation that contains the most appropriate dosage required for each animal.

Often, an animal will need a medication that is not typically manufactured by drug companies. Perhaps a veterinary formulation is unavailable, and, for one reason or another, the human preparation just won’t do. Our veterinary compounding pharmacy can obtain the necessary pharmaceutical grade materials and use them to compounding individualized dosage forms based on the patient’s needs.

Sterile and Ophthalmic Pet Medications Available

Our pet compounding pharmacy maintains an array of state of the art equipment including computerized autoclave, microprocessor controlled convection oven, pH meters and many others.

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Note: Compounded medications from Compounding Pharmacy are not intended for use in food and food producing animals. All veterinary medications require a prescription from your veterinarian.