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Not All Urology Medications Should Be Treated Equal

Some urology medications are better than others, especially when it comes to erectile dysfunction (ED), male infertility, prostate issues and bladder conditions. Not all men are affected by erectile dysfunction in the same way. Why then, should your medication be any less customized?

Some men respond well to oral dispensing, while others … not so much. There can be unpleasant side effects as well. With The Compounding Pharmacy of America, you have several options in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other issues that affect men’s health.

Injectable ED Medication Helps Restore Function

The idea of injecting a substance in such a sensitive area may seem intimidating at first. To some, it’s enough to delay treatment due to fears about associated pain.

The truth about injectable ED medication is that it does not involve a high level of discomfort. In fact, it’s easy, effective and can be used as a standalone medication or in partnership with other drugs to help restore penile function.

Compounded urology medications for ED can be created with the patient’s comfort in mind to address a variety of sexual dysfunction issues. They can also provide a more private course of treatment, helping restore self-confidence and healthier interpersonal relationships.

Benefits of Compounded ED Medications

There are numerous benefits when it comes to using compounded urology medications for ED:

  • Privacy
  • Customized formulations
    • Singular prescription
    • Bi-Mix
    • Tri-Mix

Women Deserve the Same Relief that Compounded Urology Medications Offer

Urology MedicationsThe complexities of the female reproductive system and associated hormonal changes can generate a less-than-desirable effect on sexuality. Use of certain medications to treat urologic conditions or chronic pain can be the culprit in sexual dysfunction.

Consider consulting a specialist in alternative pharmaceuticals. Compounding Pharmacy of America can create female enhancement creams, effective in increasing blood flow to the genital area to boost sensation.

As long as you’re seeking treatment, choose solutions to meet your individual needs, instead of trying generic lubricants that contain dietary supplements or other ingredients that “cool” for the moment but lack in truly addressing the fundamental issue.

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