Medication for Erectile Dysfunction

Injectable medication for erectile dysfunction can be used on its own or in combination with other drugs to help restore function. The idea of injecting a substance in such a sensitive area may seem intimidating to patients and some men may find the idea off-putting due because they have concerns about pain, but this form of treatment does not involve a high level of discomfort. It is an easy and effective way to deal with this very real concern that can not only affect a man’s relationship with his partner, but also his self-confidence and self-esteem.

We compound a variety of alternative therapies for penile injection including:

  • Bi-Mix
  • Tri-Mix

And other custom formulations to treat sexual dysfunctions. Penile dysfunction is treatable. No man should suffer in silence because he feels uncomfortable about seeking the help he needs. We can create and provide a customized prescription to treat your ED.

Prescription Compounding for Female Urology Treatments

Urology is usually considered a branch of medicine that is concerned with treating men’s health issues, but women who are having sexual difficulties can benefit from consulting a specialist as well. Whether the underlying issue stems from use of a medication, chronic pain issues, or another cause, female enhancement creams can be prepared for a specific patient’s needs.

Unlike items bought off the shelf that are lubricants which have added dietary supplements and ingredients that create a cooling sensation but do little to increase blood flow to the genital area. A prescription preparation is the better choice since it will have the right ingredients to provide an effective solution to the problem.

Is a prescription compound the right choice for your needs? Contact us today for your customized erectile dysfunction and female urology treatments.