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Not All Urology Medications Should Be Treated Equal

Urology: A field of medicine and physiology concerned with the study and treatment of the male and female urinary tract as well as the male reproductive organs.

When it comes to urology medication, at The Compounding Pharmacy of America, this usually indicates erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments, although we help address other urologic complications as well – for both men and women.

Some urology medications are better than others, especially when it comes to ED, male infertility, prostate issues and bladder conditions. Not all men are affected by urologic issues in the same way. Why then, should your medication be any less customized?

Some men respond well to oral dispensing, while others … not so much. There can be unpleasant side effects as well. With The Compounding Pharmacy of America, you have several options in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other issues that affect urologic health.

What Is ED?

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by the inability to either achieve or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual activity. While most men will experience erectile problems at some point in their lives, this does not necessarily mean that they will develop ED. Officially, ED is only diagnosed when the failure to achieve or maintain an erection becomes a recurring pattern in one’s sexual experiences.

How Common Is ED?

ED is estimated to affect the lives of more than 30 million Americans. However, the true prevalence of ED is difficult to estimate, as many men never report their symptoms or seek treatment of ED. This is usually due to the misguided stigma attached to the condition.

Realizing that erectile dysfunction is a highly common, highly treatable condition is the first step toward getting the medical and pharmaceutical help you need.

ED Prevalence Statistics

What Causes ED?

ED symptoms often appear to develop out of the blue and without obvious cause. In reality, however, the source of ED symptoms can usually be traced back to physical and environmental factors lurking just below the surface.

An erection occurs when blood flows into two chambers within the penis called the corpora cavernosa, so medical conditions that affect blood flow in the body often manifest as the symptoms of ED.

List of Common ED Causes

What Are the Signs And Symptoms?

How Our Erectile Dysfunction Compounding Pharmacy Can Help

Because erectile dysfunction can be caused by a wide range of medical conditions, top health care professionals are abandoning the outdated one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. Many experts have turned to compounded medications as the most effective treatment method for erectile dysfunction.

There are many drawbacks to mainstream oral ED medications, such as delayed onset of effects, required daily dosing, and the inability of the pills to be modified. Injections of compounded medications, however, begin working immediately and allow health care professionals to administer unique combinations of medications of varying strengths.

A tri-mix, for example, is a highly effective combination of the injectable ED medications alprostadil, papaverine and phentolamine. Each of these medications play a unique role in the treatment of ED. Some patients see the most improvement when taking all three tri-mix medications, while others respond best with just two (bi-mix), or even one.

Injectable ED Medication: Not As Painful As It May Sound

Women Deserve the Same Relief that Compounded Urology Medications Offer

Urology MedicationsThe complexities of the female reproductive system and associated hormonal changes can generate a less-than-desirable effect on sexuality. Use of certain medications to treat urologic conditions or chronic pain can be the culprit in female sexual dysfunction.

Women should consider consulting a specialist in alternative pharmaceuticals. The Compounding Pharmacy of America can create female enhancement creams, effective in increasing blood flow to the genital area to boost sensation.

As long as you’re seeking treatment, choose solutions to meet your individual needs, instead of trying generic lubricants that contain dietary supplements or other ingredients that “cool” for the moment but lack in truly addressing the fundamental issue.

How to Get Your Compounded Urology Medication

Speak with your doctor today about your urinary or reproductive struggles, and then work with The Compounding Pharmacy of America to overcome the symptoms of ED or whichever condition is making life harder.

We can then work in tandem with your doctor to make sure you get the medication you need in the right form, dose and mixture. The best plan for treating ED and other urologic complications is a plan designed just for you.