Do You Have A Hormone Imbalance?

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Hormones are powerful chemical messengers, produced by the body’s endocrine system, that affect the vast majority of the body’s vital functions. When everything is level, hormones help maintain emotional and physical health. However, an imbalance in hormone levels can result in an array of troublesome symptoms that may negatively impact an individual’s quality of life. Fortunately, those who suffer from hormonal imbalance can find relief with proper treatment with our hormone imbalance optimization services!

Hormones provide support to an array of bodily functions, including metabolism, sleep cycles, appetite, cell growth and repair, stress reactions, fertility and reproduction, and emotional health. When proper proportions are not present, people can experience a variety of symptoms.

Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance In Men

Hormonal imbalance symptoms in males include a distinct decline in libido and difficulty maintaining or achieving erection. Men may also notice a loss in energy, endurance, and muscle mass, and begin accumulating weight in their abdominal region. They may experience difficulty concentrating, be more prone to depression, and feel less confident in their personal and professional lives. Others may develop high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Stiffness and joint pains are also common. Additional symptoms can range from sleep apnea and insomnia to hair loss and urinary issues.

Signs Of Hormonal Imbalances In Women

Hormonal imbalance symptoms in females may include hot flashes, irregular menstrual periods, night sweats, and migraines. Many feel emotionally unstable, prone to depression, anxiety and irritability. Others may experience issues maintaining focus or complain of feeling lightheaded. Unexplained insomnia, weight gain, and fatigue are also common. Skin may become dry and flakey or oily and acne prone. For women, a hormone imbalance may also result in hair thinning on the scalp or increase body hair growth on the face, thighs, chest and back.

How To Restore Hormone Balance

If these signs and symptoms sound familiar, our bio-identical hormone replacement therapy may be an option worth considering. At The Compounding Pharmacy of America, our specialists are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to properly address your specific condition.

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