Pros And Cons Of Immunizations

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In order to create immunity, an individual must be exposed to germs. But why not stop germs before they are able to multiply and make you sick? This is exactly the purpose vaccinations are supposed to serve. They rally immune system forces before an attack can occur. By doing so, vaccination confers immunity against disease. However, there is an ongoing debate – To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

How Vaccines Work

Pros And Cons Of Immunizations | Customized Compounding PharmacyThe process of vaccination mirrors the intrusion of a potentially harmful virus or bacterium on the body’s defenses – only without the germs. Instead, the vaccine includes a recognizable likeness of the pathogen in question. Essentially, a vaccine fools the body into thinking that a pathogen has made its way into the body.

The immune system is notified, and quickly launches an attack on the “invaders”. Response eventually winds down, leaving a series of protective B and T cells to address any future encounters.

Immunizations In The Past

The controversy behind vaccines is well documented. In the past however, vaccination fears were generally overridden by fear of the disease itself. When the polio vaccine was first introduced, families lined up for trials. These were people without a clue as to whether the vaccine would cause the disease. Furthermore, participants were not made aware whether they would be receiving a placebo or the actual vaccine. The threat of polio was so terrifying that they were willing to attempt anything.

Pros And Cons Of Immunizations

These days, the country stands divided on the vaccine issue:

Pro: As with all medical procedures, vaccines carry a risk of side effects. However, the risk of serious side effects is rather minute when compared to the benefits vaccinations provide says In reality, the diseases you are protecting your children from are far worse than most any possible vaccine side effect.

Con: Possible allergies and possibly harmful ingredients including preservatives make many believe a correlation exists between vaccinations and brain damage, lowered IQ, ADD, learning disabilities, and autism. They claim that natural immunity offers a more complete immunity than modern vaccination, and that vaccines are composed of cadaver organs.

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