Should Doctors Prescribe Sedatives?

Many people are prescribed sedative medications by their doctor for conditions such as anxiety or sleep disorders. While these medications can be beneficial in treating these conditions, natural treatment options are safer and should always be tried first. Sedative/hypnotic drugs can often lead to patients becoming dependent on the medications or developing a tolerance to them over time, thus increasing the chances of abuse and addiction.

If you are suffering from a sleep disorder or anxiety, there are several natural and effective alternative treatments available.

Natural Treatment Options Over Prescription Sedatives

Homeopathic Treatments

Should Doctors Prescribe Sedatives-Natural Sleep Disorder Treatments-CPAMany homeopathic treatments are effective in treating conditions such as sleep disorders. These treatments may include herbal teas, essential oils, and even dietary supplements.

If you find yourself suffering from high levels of stress in your daily life, you should try using different essential oils. Essential oils such as lavender can help relieve tension caused by stress and promote relaxation. By relaxing the mind and body, you may find it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep to wake refreshed in the morning.

Another cause of sleep disorders is the lack of necessary chemicals in the patient’s body. Dietary supplements that are created to increase these particular chemicals such as melatonin can help promote quality sleep in both children and adults. One of the most important benefits of this type of treatment is that they can be used safely in people of all ages and sizes with little to no risk.

Physical Activity And Relaxation

Many people find relief from symptoms of stress, anxiety and sleep disorders by participating in activities that are physical. Physical exertion releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins. These chemicals can help you relax and feel a sense of euphoria. This can relieve anxiety and depression symptoms that may contribute to difficulty sleeping.

If physical activity does not help you unwind after a stressful day, you can try many relaxation techniques. Meditation and yoga are two of the most popular relaxation methods used by a variety of people. These activities allow you to let go of stressors that have built up throughout the day and focus on the positive in your life.

Healing Through Counseling And Therapy

While sedative medications can be effective in the short-term treatment of sleep disorders, they should be used with caution after all other methods of treatment have first been utilized. Doctors should prescribe these medications in addition to counseling to discover the root cause of the problem. This will allow patients to stop taking these powerful medications as they find relief through counseling and therapy.

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