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Supporting Your Breast Cancer Treatment Plan With Quality Nutrition

Breast Cancer Support with Nutrition

Receiving news of a breast cancer diagnosis can be devastating. We as a society have made great strides in the early identification and treatment of breast cancer, but many uncertainties remain that persist through the process. Some of the most common questions that people have following a breast cancer diagnosis include: What stage is the […]

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Patients May Be Judging A Pill By Its Color

Patients Judging A Pill By Its Color-Compounding RX USA

Does the appearance of your medication matter? According to the results of a study in Food Quality and Preference, it does. People who look at a pill think they can tell a lot from the medicine from its color and shape. In this study, participants in the US, Columbia and China revealed similar expectations about […]

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Feed A Cold – Starve A Fever? Holistic Treatment Tips

Customized Prescription Compound - Holistic Treatment Tips - CPA

With cold and flu season upon us, you may be wondering if the long-standing rule of feed a cold – starve a fever is true. In a time where people reach for the medicine cabinet at the first sign of a cold, flu, or fever, it turns out grandma may have known what she was […]

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Compounding Spotlight: Gut Dysbiosis (Leaky Gut Syndrome) – Causes, Prevention & Treatment


Your gastrointestinal tract is one of the most important systems in your body. While your heart, lungs, and brain are responsible for keeping all bodily functions working properly, a problem with your intestinal tract can cause issues throughout the rest of your body. When you eat or drink, your GI tract is responsible for breaking […]

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Medicines For Infants: What Is Safe? Try These Natural Remedies First!


When your child begins to run a fever or complain of certain symptoms, your first thought is to take them to the pediatrician. Many doctors who specialize in infant care will prescribe an antibiotic for an assumed infection without looking at alternative treatments for the conditions. We understand that there are certain times when antibiotics […]

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Compounding Spotlight: Adrenal Fatigue – Symptoms & Treatment

Adrenal fatigue is a condition caused when your adrenal glands do not produce enough of the hormones that are released during times of stress. These hormones control energy production and storage, immune system, heart rate, and muscle tone. When your adrenal glands become overworked due to long-term stress, they may not release the necessary amounts […]

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Should Doctors Prescribe Sedatives?

Should Doctors Prescribe Sedatives-Natural Sleep Disorder Treatments-CPA

Many people are prescribed sedative medications by their doctor for conditions such as anxiety or sleep disorders. While these medications can be beneficial in treating these conditions, natural treatment options are safer and should always be tried first. Sedative/hypnotic drugs can often lead to patients becoming dependent on the medications or developing a tolerance to […]

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How To Use Vitamins And Supplements For Optimum Health

How To Use Vitamins, Supplements, Smoothies For Health - CPA

Are you always looking for new ways to maintain your health, get in shape, or lose weight? Many people find that diets and weight loss pills do not give them the lasting effects they dream of. Proper nutrition is one of the best ways to increase your overall health while helping them to reach their […]

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3 Home Health Remedies For Allergies And The Symptoms

Autumn leaves. Summer Smog. Winter house dust. Spring pollens. For millions of Americans, each seasonal change brings about a unique set of allergy irritants and triggers. For those of us with common allergies and hay fever, these pollutants can bring on symptoms ranging from annoying, continuous postnasal drip to full-scale, sneezing, coughing-itchy-eyed allergy attacks. For […]

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