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Cold Weather Can Exacerbate Your Arthritis Pain

Cold Weather Can Exacerbate Your Arthritis Pain

Do you feel telltale aches and pains when the temperatures begin to dip? You are not alone. Many Americans report an increase in discomfort during the winter months, specifically as it pertains to joint pain. Experts are not sure why arthritis pain becomes worse during the winter months, but many sufferers say that they experience […]

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Quick Guide To Topical Pain Relief And Compounded Topical Pain Gels

The Difference Between Oral And Topical Medications

When you have a headache, toothache, or muscle pain, your first instinct is to reach for a pill. While oral medications can be useful, they do have some distinct disadvantages. For example, many pain pills carry some risk of dependency, and oral anti-inflammatory medications can have harmful side effects with long-term usage. How well do […]

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Topical Dermatology Compounding Offers Alternatives To Stretch Marks, Scars And Pain Treatment

Customized Dermatology Medications

Many people live with the effects of stretch marks, scars and chronic pain. Commercial medications don’t always provide safe or effective solutions. This doesn’t mean that individuals have to simply put up with their conditions, though. Topical compounding offers an alternative to the ready-made products available off the shelf or by prescription. The advantage of […]

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Compounding Spotlight: Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Compounding-Topical Pain Relief Compounds

Whether you are a dedicated runner, a high school athlete or someone who fills up their weekend with athletic activities and then deals with discomfort on weekdays, sports medicine compounding can help you. Staying active is good for your physical and mental health, but it does take its toll on your joints and muscles. Aches, […]

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Patients May Be Judging A Pill By Its Color

Patients Judging A Pill By Its Color-Compounding RX USA

Does the appearance of your medication matter? According to the results of a study in Food Quality and Preference, it does. People who look at a pill think they can tell a lot from the medicine from its color and shape. In this study, participants in the US, Columbia and China revealed similar expectations about […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Topical Pain Relief Gels Over Standard Pain Pills?

Benefits Of Transdermal Pain Relief Over Pain Pills-CompoundingRXUSA

When someone is experiencing pain, their first thought to deal with it is to look to an old standby and use an oral (pill form) pain reliever. Over-the-counter brands and prescription-strength pain meds can be used to manage pain but they have issues, especially for chronic pain sufferers. A transdermal pain cream can provide relief […]

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Why Is Sports Medicine Compounding The Best Choice For Athletes?

Sports Medicine Compounding The Best Choice For Athletes-CPA

Athletes need to find medications that will provide effective treatment so that sports injuries will heal quickly. If you are training at a competitive level or following a regular training schedule, you don’t want to be out of commission for very long. You want to deal with the problem appropriately and safely and treat your […]

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Transdermal Pain Cream: Safe And Effective For Chronic Pain And Sports Injuries

Backache-Transdermal Pain Cream-www.CompoundingRXUSA.com

It’s not uncommon for any of us to wake up in pain, either from a chronic illness or trying to cram too many activities into our weekends. The first place that we think of to look for relief from muscle or joint pain tends to be from over the counter medications. This is not the […]

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How Compounded Dermatology Lotions, Creams And Gels Can Ease Winter Dry Skin

Customized Dermatology For Winter Dry Skin - Compounding RX Of America

Winter is one the horizon and with it comes dry air. Dry air can cause issues with painful, cracking, dry skin. You may have tried over the counter lotions and creams that promise to moisturize your skin only to find that they are not as effective as you had hoped or they cause irritation. Custom […]

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