Treating Gout Pain with Compounded Pain Creams - Compounding Pharmacy Of AmericaGout is a complicated medical condition that usually affects the feet. Excess uric acid in the body builds up and causes swelling and pain in the joints of the foot. Treating the gout pain that typically accompanies sudden gout attacks is intense and can feel as though the foot is on fire.

Understanding Gout

Uric Acid Buildup - Compounding Pharmacy Of AmericaGout manifests in four stages that vary in their symptoms and treatment options. The first stage of gout is hyperuricemia, or too much uric acid in the blood. If this is the only symptom, it is asymptomatic hyperuricemia. If hyperuricemia progresses, the second stage known as acute gout manifests.

Hyperuricemia causes the uric acid in the bloodstream to form crystals in the joints of the foot; once these crystals appear, they cause swelling and moderate-to-intense pain. Acute gout can also make the feet feel warm to the touch.

Advanced Stages of Gout

Acute gout attacks usually continue over periods of months or years, appearing very suddenly and lasting several days. The period between acute gout attacks is interval gout, or third stage gout. Also known as inter-critical gout, the third stage is asymptomatic.

Finally, chronic tophaceous gout, or fourth-stage gout, can happen when gout is untreated for too long. Often taking several years or more than a decade to develop fully, chronic tophaceous gout entails hard nodules called “tophi” developing in the joints and tissues surrounding the joints.

Over time, tophi can do permanent damage to joints. Tophi also often appear in other parts of the body, such as the ears.


Uric Acid Buildup

Several medical conditions, including blood and metabolism disorders, sometimes cause gout, but diet and alcohol use are often factors, as well. Anything that prevents the body from efficiently processing uric acid or causes the body to produce too much uric acid can lead to a uric acid buildup. Over time, the uric acid will crystallize, initiating the four-stage process of gout.

Foods that can cause excess uric buildup include salt, sweet juices, shellfish, red meat and organ meat. Drinking too much alcohol also leads to uric acid buildup, as dehydration prevents the body from eliminating uric acid efficiently. As the body starves or dehydrates, uric acid continues to build up in the joints.

Some people who suffer from thyroid and kidney disorders are at an increased risk of developing gout. The treatments for such disorders often interfere with the body’s ability to process uric acid.

Effective Gout Treatments

Most gout requires treatment from a rheumatologist. Treatment plans vary based on a patient’s stage of gout, the severity of the condition and one’s general medical condition.

Most treatments involve oral medications to restore a healthy balance of uric acid in the bloodstream, but this addresses the root of the problem, and the painful symptoms can remain.

Some doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications or use colchicine to reduce joint pain, while corticosteroids reduce joint inflammation and pain.

Topical Pain Creams

Topical Pain Creams For Acute Gout - Compounding Pharmacy Of AmericaWhile oral medications address the uric acid buildup, people with gout will still experience pain and swelling in the affected areas. Topical creams are a common choice for relieving these symptoms, because they provide almost immediate pain relief.

While oral pain medications may help reduce the pain caused by gout, topical creams offer relief directly at the site of pain – instead of waiting for pills that need to work through the bloodstream to take effect.

Another benefit of treating gout pain with topical pain creams, instead of oral painkillers, is there is no danger of harmful drug interactions. Patients taking multiple medications for medical conditions including gout may not be able to add painkillers to their medication regimens.

Topical pain creams work for virtually everyone and have very few side effects when used properly.

Compounded Pain Creams

The Compounding Pharmacy of America understands how valuable topical pain creams are for countless patients looking for effective ways in treating gout pain.

Custom-compounded topical pain creams offer individualized relief. Although adverse side effects are far less common with topical pain creams than oral painkillers, patients can have topical creams compounded to their needs to prevent any potential complications.

Gout may be complex and difficult to treat, but custom-compounded topical pain creams from the Compounding Pharmacy of America offer instant relief from gout-related pain. Don’t wait for pills to work their way through your bloodstream and risk dangerous drug interactions. Order custom-compounded topical pain creams to manage gout pain quickly, safely and effectively.

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