TB4-Frag MAXTB4-Frag MAX
TB4-Frag MAXTB4-Frag MAX
TB4-Frag MAXTB4-Frag MAX

TB4-Frag MAX


TB4-Frag Max includes a reformulated version of TB4 Active Frag for 10x potency in addition to a synergistic blend of absorbable bioactive natural thymic peptides. Contains premium low molecular weight thymus extract from bovine (cow).

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With its ability to help regenerate blood cells, antiinflammatory properties, and array of other benefits, TB4 Frag Max for healing has become a popular choice for many people looking to heal quicker. This peptide, naturally produced in the body through the thymus offers patients a way to boost the body’s natural healing abilities from both physical injuries as well as those that impact the immune system.

TB4-Frag Max is a boosted version of another popular peptide product, TB4 Active Frag. You’ll receive ten times the potency from this newly formulated blend of bioavailable, highly active peptides. Note: this product contains low-molecular-weight extract obtained from bovine thymus secretions.

While this potency level may not be for everyone, it does offer significant benefits to those who may need it.

What Is TB4 Frag Max Used For?

Thymosin beta-4, more commonly known as TB4, is a peptide (a chain of amino acids) that is generated in the heart during development as an embryo and also into adulthood. Its purpose is to help facilitate the development of cells while also encouraging cell migration. Its usage can help improve the ability of the heart to receive and transmit oxygen throughout the cells of the body. It works to help the heart function as it was intended from its first embryonic formation.

When the heart is functioning as it should, its ability to generate T cells through hormone production can help improve the body’s immune system. In addition, TB4 helps the body to produce B cells. This, in turn, helps the plasma cells create antibodies.

TB4 usage has long been a component of many recommended treatments by medical professionals as an aid for recovering from injury It has been a favorite of professional athletes to help them stay at peak performance. In addition, TB4 can be used to help treat the following conditions:

  • Arthritis – A benefit of the TB4 Frag Max peptide is that it helps to combat inflammation. This can include inflammation of the joints, which is better known as arthritis.
  • Blood Clots – With its benefit to overall heart health, TB4 Frag Max can help to improve the cells in the body and treat blood clots that may have formed.
  • Tissue Damage – Soft tissue injuries are quite common as a result of both accidents and surgeries. When damage occurs to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, TB4 Frag Max can help facilitate the overall tissue generation and healing process, improving its speed and efficacy. It may also help reduce the chances of scarring.
  • Autoimmune Disease – Because it helps to improve the body’s immune system, TB4 Frag Max may assist with improving the fight against autoimmune diseases. This includes Lyme disease and even some traumatic brain injuries.
  • Cardiovascular and Neurological Damage – With its ability to promote new blood cell creation, TB4 can help to improve cardiovascular and neurological health.

These benefits are just a few of the ways TB4 Frag Max could help you improve your recovery, disease resistance, and overall health and wellness. In addition to these, TB4 may also calm muscle fiber stress, improve muscle tone, assist with body flexibility, help cells exchange nutrients and other substances, and more. If you are looking to improve any of these conditions with powerful results, TB4 Frag Max may be the answer.

TB4 Frag Max FAQs

TB4 Frag Max is an advanced peptide supplement with a wide range of benefits. These answers to frequently asked TB4 questions can help you determine whether TB4 Frag Max is for you.

What Is the Difference Between TB4 Frag and BPC-157?
Both TB4 Frag and BPC-157 are synthetically formed peptides that provide the body with specific amino acids. Amino acids provide the body with various benefits, particularly after injuries and as part of an exercise regimen. They can also help improve weight loss efforts, memory, immune functions, and more.

BPC-157 consists of 15 amino acids that specifically target collagen production and increase blood cell production. These processes have made the supplement popular with athletes, though it has found its way onto many banned substances lists. This is an unfortunate byproduct of its ability since it has also proven effective in improving overall gut health.

Because it is powerful in helping the body regenerate after injury, it would explain its benefit in exercise therapy as well. When exercising, the muscles tear and regrow stronger and healthier. BPC-157 helps to increase the speed and efficiency of this process.

TB4, as a whole, is composed of over 40 amino acids, which makes it difficult for the body to absorb. To aid in this process, the TB4 Frag simplifies this chain into four amino acids and is, therefore, easily absorbed by the body. This has helped it be more efficient and potent than the full TB4.

TB4 is helpful in the digestive tract as well, however, it focuses more on helping the body react to foods that it is sensitive to or that are irritable. TB4 can help improve the gastrointestinal tract which helps to reduce the body’s reaction to certain foods.

While working in different ways to aid in the body’s overall health, both BP-157 and TB4 Frag Max can work well together to provide overall gut health and repair for those who may be sensitive to certain foods.

What Does Thymosin Beta 4 Do to the Body?
TB4 provides the body with many benefits that aim to protect it from injury and help it recover more quickly. While the body has the ability to heal on its own, when that healing is aided by the use of TB4 Frag Max, it can return you to a sense of normalcy more quickly. It can also compensate for deficiencies in the body that may prevent it from completing these natural processes. Specifically, TB4 Frag Max helps:
  • Boost the immune system – With its ability to help increase the white blood cell count, this supplement can help boost the body’s natural defenses against harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Improves heart health – The heart has the ability to repair itself, albeit at a very slow pace. Unfortunately, the muscles and tissue that are harmed as a result of a heart attack are not among the parts that are naturally repaired. However, TB4 may help in some of these areas and improve overall heart health.
  • Promotes good liver health – When the liver is damaged, repair can be difficult. TB4 has an innate ability to help with the regeneration of tissue, which can promote liver health.
  • Aids in healing wounds – When you are injured, your body takes time to heal the wound naturally. TB4 can help accelerate this process.
  • Improves eye health – The eye is a delicate part of the body that has natural defense mechanisms but is still subject to injury. TB4 can help protect the eye and help it heal when it does suffer injury.
  • Promotes nerve regeneration – With its ability to help in cell regeneration and healthy growth, TB4 helps the nervous system respond to injuries by supporting the regrowth of nerves.
  • Improves brain health – The protective and regenerative nature of TB4 helps several areas of the body, including the brain. As it helps with cellular development, it can help reduce blood clots in the body, which also helps to protect the brain against strokes or other traumatic brain injuries.
In addition to these benefits, it can also help to improve the lungs, help balance blood sugar levels, and help to improve blood pressure.

What Are the Benefits of Thymosin Beta-4?
The greatest benefit of TB4 for most individuals is its ability to help recover from injuries because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to help create and grow healthy cells. For those who suffer frequent injuries or damage to the skin, TB4 can help in the recovery process. In addition, TB4 has helped people improve their stamina and enhance their strength. This is why it is a favorite amongst athletes, though it is not accepted in some professional arenas.

TB4 can help increase the oxygen levels in the heart with its ability to help restore cells. This is vital when protecting the heart from various diseases and to keep it healthy and properly functioning. These are a few of the many benefits associated with TB4.

What Is the Difference Between TB4 Frag and TB4 Frag Max?
The TB4 Frag Max supplement provides patients with 10X the potency of TB4 Frag. Additionally, it contains a peptide blend that is bioactive and naturally produced by bovine (cow) thymus. In TB4 Frag Max, there are 300 mcg of active fragments and also 325 mcg of natural extract from the thymus.

While both provide benefits to cell regeneration, helping to heal injuries, and supporting many other areas of the body, TB4 Frag Max provides a greater concentration of these peptides.

What Are the Side Effects of Thymosin-Beta 4?
One of the most significant side effects to watch for pertains to those who are interested in TB4 but have an underlying tumor or cancer that they are either aware of or have not yet been diagnosed with. Because TB4 encourages tissue and cell growth, it could exacerbate the spread of these conditions, which could cause damage.

Other side effects may include joint pain and redness, tiredness, lack of motivation, and headache. Before starting any supplement regimen, it is important to ensure that you do not have any pre-existing conditions that may contraindicate use.

Are TB4 Frag and TB4 Frag Max Safe for Women Who Are Pregnant or Children?
While these products can help many different kinds of patients, they should be avoided by women who are pregnant, have the potential to become pregnant, or are currently nursing. These products should also not be used by anyone under the age of 18. Before beginning any supplement, you should always conduct research to ensure you are not a part of any population that should not use the supplement in question.
When Is the Best Time to Take Peptides?
As with any supplement, there are appropriate times and ways to take it in order to maximize its benefits. Sometimes, this will be at meal times, and sometimes, supplements should be taken without food. TB4 Frag Max is best taken about two hours after your last meal of the day and prior to your first meal of the day. Foods contain various types of enzymes that could impact peptide therapy. It is, therefore, recommended that they be taken on an empty stomach in order to avoid any negative interactions.
Will TB4 Frag Max Cause Drowsiness?
TB4 Frag Max, like other peptides, is not known to cause drowsiness. As a non-addictive supplement, patients can avoid the chance of dependency while also maintaining healthy energy levels. Most people who take TB4 Frag Max will not experience any fatigue, while only a few who take it experience this side effect. Often, peptides provide the opposite of fatigue in that they provide energy and a feeling of being more awake. As doses are recommended in the morning, it is generally safe to take prior to work without fear of falling asleep on the job.
What Do I Need to Know Before Taking Peptides?
Peptide therapies are becoming increasingly popular. These therapies are designed to help the body’s normal functions and to supplement those functions by making for what may be deficient. Peptides may be available in several different forms, including:

  • Pill form or other oral version
  • Topical creams or patches that transmit through the skin
  • Through the nasal cavity in a spray
  • Through an injection by a medical professional.

Depending on the type of peptide that you are introducing to your body will determine the best way to get it there. The stability of the peptide is important in this determination as some peptides are more likely to stand up to various processes that provide the means of introduction.

While many peptides can be found in foods and do not require a supplement, a medical professional may suggest taking a peptide in order to help your body more easily function because of specific deficiencies. You may also choose to supplement with peptides if you’d like to experience improved healing and recovery.

Are Peptides Steroids?
Peptides are not steroids. The amino acid chains in peptides, however, may act similarly to steroids when it comes to how they work with the body. Both provide the body with a way to process fat and build muscle. The processes by which they do this, however, is different than that of steroids. Steroids typically have significantly more side effects, as well.
Where Can You Purchase TB4 Frag Max?
If you are wondering where to buy TB4 Frag Max, Compounding Pharmacy of America offers TB4 Frag Max for sale. As a licensed compounding pharmacy, we pride ourselves on caring for the needs of our patients by ensuring each member of the team completes extensive training. In addition to offering our patients high-quality medication compounding services that can help patients of all ages better manage not only their prescriptions but also their supplements, we are pleased to offer our wellness shop. Here, you’ll find a wide range of over-the-counter vitamins and supplements to help you improve all aspects of your wellness.

If you have questions about TB4 Frag Max or any other supplement or medication, contact our team. We care about the health and wellness of you and your family.

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