5 Reasons To Use A Compounding Pharmacy

5 Reasons To Use A Compounding Pharmacy - Compounding Pharmacy of America

Prior to the 1940’s almost all prescriptions were compounded. In the decades since, mass drug production has largely taken over.

In recent years, however, prescription compounding has experienced resurgence due to the many benefits it provides.

More and more medical professionals are prescribing compounded medications to individuals and pets alike; serving as an attractive alternative to hard-to-find or discontinued medications.

Benefits To Using A Compounding Pharmacy

1. Pain Management

topical gels

Many patients find pain medications difficult to stomach. Dizziness, drowsiness, and stomach discomfort are just a few of the side effects associated with common prescriptions.

Opting for pain medications from us here at The Compounding Pharmacy of America can be a solution to these problems. Our seasoned pharmacists can combine the ingredients of traditional oral pain medications and offer them in alternative delivery forms such as sprays, creams, or topical gels.

2. Ingredient Sensitivity Or Allergy

Many patients are sensitive or allergic to dyes and preservatives in commercially available substances.

Our pharmacists are able to formulate prescriptions that are both dye and preservative free upon request.

3. Discontinued Medications

Many larger pharmaceutical companies will stop making products with limited demand. Unfortunately, there is often a handful of patients who have responded well to the substance, and whom are now unable to obtain it. If we are able to locate the medicine in its chemical form, we will be able to compound the prescription for you.

4. Pediatrics


Custom compounded prescriptions are the perfect option for children. Whereas many commercially manufactured substances are often difficult or scary to children, our pharmacists offer an array of flavors and dosage alternatives to help improve the experience.

Our compounding pharmacists can also formulate medications to the precise dose needed by patients based on size and weight.

5. Veterinary Compounding

veterinary medicines

Getting a pet to swallow tablets can be a frustrating experience.

At The Compounding Pharmacy of America, our pharmacists create medicines in flavored dosage forms that cater specifically to the animal palate.

In addition, many commercial veterinary medicines only come in 100mg or 200mg tablets.

If a small puppy only requires a 20mg dose, our pharmacists can formulate chicken-flavored suspension containing 20mg per 1ml.

The medication can be dispensed with a dropper or oral syringe to ensure that the accurate dose is provided.

Want More Compounding Info?

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