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Learning That Your Lung Cancer Is “Inoperable”

Learning Your Lung Cancer is Inoperable

A diagnosis of any type of cancer can be devastating, but learning that your lung cancer is inoperable can make the situation seem hopeless. During the course of testing, diagnosis, and grading of cancer, you will likely encounter terminology you do not understand. Knowing your options and how to proceed following a diagnosis of an […]

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Why People Over 55 Should Consider Compounding Rx for Accuracy and Efficacy

Why People Over 55 Should Consider Compounding Rx For Accuracy And Efficacy

Older adults, especially people over 55, face many unique concerns when it comes to their personal health. The Compounding Pharmacy of America offers a wide range of medication services that can make it easier for older adults to track and manage their medications. Older adults who take multiple medications, have sensitivities to additives or preservatives, […]

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Compounding Pharmacy Shipping to Washington State

Compounding Pharmacy Services in Washington

Do you live in the state of Washington, and have you been looking for customized medication solutions? For instance, does the dose of your medication seem inadequate, or do you hate the way you have to take the medication, such as the taste? The Compounding Pharmacy of America offers you a number of options to […]

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Compounding Lidocaine Creams and Injections

What is Lidocaine

The Compounding Pharmacy of America offers unique and customized formulations for patients with prescriptions for lidocaine injections. For orthopedic, pain management, or cardiac-related use, speak with our expert compounding pharmacists to understand all of your options for customizing your Lidocaine prescription formula. What is Lidocaine? Lidocaine is an FDA approved medication that has a range […]

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Compounding Pharmacy of America Now Shipping Prescriptions to Ohio, Illinois, New York and New Jersey

Residents of Ohio, Illinois, New York, & New Jersey

The Compounding Pharmacy of America is proud to announce that we now ship to a total of 15 states around the country. With the latest states added to our shipping area, we are able to offer our patients the highest quality in sterile and custom compounded medications. Our easy online ordering process is now available […]

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Compounding Pharmacy of America Ships Prescriptions to 12 Different States

Safely Shipping Prescriptions to 12 States

Access Across the Nation With the Compounding Pharmacy Millions of Americans rely on prescription medications to live fuller lives, and it’s important to know the options when searching for the right pharmacy. Some patients struggle with taking standard prescriptions or may require specialized combinations. 12 Services From the Compounding Pharmacy of America It’s vital to […]

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The Guidelines For Pharmaceutical Sterile Preparations

The Guidelines For Pharmaceutical Sterile Preparations

Pharmaceutical compounding is a milestone for the health care industry and an immense benefit for its patients. The spectrum of patient conditions requiring this unique branch of pharmacy is wide, ranging from altered medication absorption to swallowing impairments. A compound pharmacy remains the last resort for many pharmaceutical patients who find out their medication was […]

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Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance In Men

Treatments for Hormonal Imbalance in Men

Hormone imbalance is an unavoidable aspect of aging. Things like poor diet, lack of exercise, disease, and chronic stress can increase a man’s susceptibility to hormone imbalances. For men, hormone imbalance occurs following the gradual decline of testosterone production, which naturally occurs with age. Hormonal Imbalances That Are More Than Age-Related However, in recent years, […]

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Change in Avastin Services


The Compounding Pharmacy of America is disappointed to inform our customers and potential customers that we will no longer be offering Avastin products for opthalmology and retina specialties. This is a proactive decision on our part due to the incredible and unfair scrutiny brought onto our industry  in the wake of the New England Compounding […]

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