An In-depth Look at BPC-157 Pure and Its Health Benefits

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Health Benefits with BPC-157 Pure

The naturally-occurring peptide Body Protecting Compound 157, more colloquially known as BPC-157, is a popular product that is used to treat a variety of conditions. Made from human gastric juices, BPC-157 combines 15 different amino acids that aid the body in recovery at the cellular level. Whether you need recovery from specific conditions, injuries, or simply working out, this compound is highly touted by many in the medical field.

Many studies have shown that this peptide helps with gastrointestinal issues and heals wounds by increasing blood flow to areas of the body impacted by injuries. Understanding what this compound is and how it helps can not only highlight its versatility but also teach you why it should be a staple in any supplement regimen.

What Is BPC-157?

Our bodies contain over 7000 peptides, one of which is BPC-157. Each of these peptides in the body performs a different function. BPC-157’s function is to help with the body’s regenerative process, which aids your cells in restoring the body by increasing the body’s cellular production cycle. These benefits are most evident in injuries that result in muscle or tendon tears. When taking BPC-157 for injury recovery, there are many other benefits that could be expected, too.

How Does BPC-157 Work?

The regenerative properties of BPC-157 cause angiogenesis to occur. This means that the body produces new capillary tissue and increases its collagen production. This combination of processes is what promotes the healing properties of BPC-157. Because these reactions occur by pushing the body to increase blood flow, many people apply the peptide directly to the impacted area. This compound can significantly help those who may heal at a slower pace, such as the elderly or people with chronic illnesses.

What Are the BPC-157 Benefits?

Benefits of BPC-157 Pure

BPC-157 is most commonly known for its ability to help your body repair itself. Generally, BPC-157 helps to speed up your body’s healing process by providing essential substances that help your body restore itself. However, there are many other benefits that come with using the BPC-157 peptide. Some of these benefits include:

Stronger Tissue

In several studies, the regenerated tendon and tissue that is created from BPC-157 could be stronger and healthier than the original tissue. Because of this, the regenerated tissue is less likely to be impacted by oxidation.

Safer Healing

When a body enters its healing process, the activity in the immune system becomes heightened. This can have several negative side effects, such as inflammatory bowel disease. BPC-157 research findings have also shown that it can promote a more healthy healing process that could avoid these instances.

Reduced Inflammation

Helping to reduce inflammation and overcome disorders that cause it, this peptide also helps to initiate the body’s normal healing response without causing inflammation. This can help to improve joint health and reduce the harmful impacts on the joints that are caused by inflammation.

Quicker Healing

Although tests were performed on lab mice, research has concluded that BPC-157 has been effective in speeding up the healing time of soft tissue. When conducted on the mice, the test results proved that BPC-157 regenerative effects occurred more thoroughly and quickly.

Improved Brain Function

Mental health has long been a priority in the medical world, which is why professionals are always looking to try new treatments. It’s been found that BPC-157 may have a healthy impact on the nervous system, which gives your body much-needed assistance when it comes to battling stress and anxiety. Because of this improved brain function, some conclusions can be made between a decrease in depression and an increase in hormone production.

Potential for Alcohol Treatment

Some studies that used BPC-157 for ethanol antagonism have shown positive results. Alcohol antagonists may be used to deter alcohol consumption for people with alcohol use disorder.

Reduced Liver Damage

One additional benefit of BPC-517 is that long-term use has shown signs of helping to reduce liver damage. Many people who regularly take the peptide find that cycles of six weeks on and four weeks off tend to be the most effective.

These benefits are not the only ones that are associated with this peptide. However, they do represent some of the most common.

Are There Any Side Effects of BPC-157?

As with any supplement that is a part of a person’s daily regimen, there is always the possibility that side effects may occur. Because everyone’s body is unique, the way that this peptide affects you may be much different than how it affects someone else. These side effects, while limited, are important to understand so that you can be aware of how your body reacts.

The most common BPC-157 side effects that are considered negative include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness

When taken according to proper dosage recommendations, the potential impacts of these side effects and others could be significantly reduced, and you may be less likely to experience them.

How Can BPC-157 Help With Weight Loss?

How BPC-157 helps with weight loss

Obesity, by many definitions, is considered to be an inflammatory condition, meaning it can lead to inflammation of certain parts of the body. Because of its ability to target and help the body fight back against inflammation, many people who began taking BPC-157 have also experienced weight loss. An added benefit is its ability to help maintain blood sugar levels and increase the body’s metabolic rate, ultimately aiding your digestive system. This peptide can help kickstart your weight loss journey by breaking down fat cells within the body to help eliminate them.

In a study that was conducted with rats, body fat significantly decreased in those who were given BPC-157. Additionally, the study seemed to indicate that those same rats showed an increase in lean muscle mass. Added benefits discovered during this study included a higher glucose tolerance and increased levels of adiponectin. This is the hormone that helps regulate the body’s metabolism.

Weight Loss and Gut Health

For many who are looking to lose weight, gut health is an important part of that process. By using the BPC-157 for gut health, you may not only lose weight but also feel healthier than you did before. When fat and other harmful bacteria are eliminated from the gut through a balanced diet, it promotes the growth of healthy bacteria that work to keep our body healthy and digest food properly.

As BPC-157 helps to eliminate inflammation and fatty build-ups, the healthy bacteria have room to grow and replenish. While these are all positive indications that the correlation between BPC-157 and weight loss is helpful, it is important to use this substance in combination with other weight control methods, such as a proper diet and exercise.

Can BPC-157 Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be an extremely personal and frustrating problem for many men and their partners. While there are medications that can help to overcome this, BPC-157 has been shown to help as well. Erectile dysfunction is caused by a reduction in blood flow that makes it difficult to maintain an erection. While the underlying cause of ED can be due to a number of factors, such as smoking, other forms of tobacco use, injuries, complications with nerves or arteries, and other medical conditions, these all can be improved with an increase in blood flow to the area. Because this peptide helps to increase blood flow, BPC-157 and erectile dysfunction are showing positive results.

As previously discussed, the use of BPC-157 can help increase blood flow, which aids your body in repairing injuries and helps reduce swelling. One way in which blood flow is increased by BPC-157 is through the creation of veins in the body, a process known as vasculogenesis. In addition, its ability to increase and repair blood vessels also helps to combat the effects of erectile dysfunction.

What Is the BPC-157 Legal Status?

Although the peptide has not yet been approved by the FDA because of its experimental designation, it is still available and legally sold when approved by a licensed physician. It does not, however, require a prescription to purchase. However, in the sporting realm, BPC-157 has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency because of its performance-enhancing attributes.

One of the reasons that this peptide is not widely available is that there have not been enough studies and clinical trials to prove its validity. While successful trials have been done in rats and physicians have been positive about the healing properties associated with BPC-157, there is an agreement that more clinical trials need to be completed to show that the healing experienced by patients is more than just the passage of time.

As BPC-0157 research findings continue to gain traction, there could be a more favorable union of BPC-157 and FDA compliance. However, that will come as more research is completed and studies are able to draw more clinical conclusions.

What Is the Recommended BPC-157 Dosage?

BPC-157 commonly comes in capsule form but can also be found in an injectable form. Both yield similar results, but the BPC-157 dosage of each is based on the recommendation of your physician as well as your own preferences. When taking the peptide in capsule form, there may be a decrease in the absorption rate as your body’s metabolism will dilute some of the effects. However, it can still be quite effective.

No matter how a person chooses to take BPC-157, the basic recommended dosage is between 200 to 300 micrograms per day. To calculate an individual’s needs, however, the formula is to use 2.5 to 3.75 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. If using the peptide in the capsule form, this amount may need to be slightly increased in order to ensure the full amount of BPC-157 is being absorbed into the body.

Whenever you start taking something new for the first time, you should begin with a smaller dosage in order to see how your body reacts. It is also smart to give the dosage time to work, as it may take time for the peptide to build up in your body. You may not see immediate results, so it is best to allow a week or so to pass before determining if it is working for you.

How Does BPC-157 Compare to Other Peptides?

Peptides naturally occur in many living entities. Humans can increase their intake of different types of peptides by consuming certain plant and animal sources such as meat, fish, milk, eggs, flaxseed, and more. Each peptide serves a different purpose in the body and helps to target different conditions that a person may experience. While BPC-157 has been discussed to help aid in recovery from injuries, other peptides help with healing different areas of the body.

Benefits of peptides include:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Helping to strengthen skin
  • Help in reducing the formation of blood clots
  • Work as antioxidants
Some of the peptides that aid in such processes include:

Ipamorelin – This peptide aids in weight loss and in the building of muscle by stimulating growth hormone production. Often used as an alternative to creatine, this peptide is popular among bodybuilders.

Creatine Peptide – This peptide is one that is more familiar to the masses. Used in helping to build muscle and improve strength, both professional athletes and bodybuilders tend to benefit from this.

Collagen Peptide – A popular product in the health and beauty market, this peptide is used in products that aid in improving skin appearance by helping with elasticity and hydration. Some may see it as anti-aging because it has been linked to bone-loss prevention, but there is not enough research to back this up.

Understanding various peptide therapies can help to supplement the body’s ability to produce these on its own.

Where Can I Buy BPC-157?

Where can I buy BPC-157 Pure?

BPC-157 Synthetic Peptides are available from Compounding Pharmacy of America. With our streamlined purchasing, buying BPC-157 online is a simple process. Our pharma-grade peptides provide the much-needed benefits that you may be looking for when adding the BPC-157 supplement.

Our team recommends using BPC-157 with other products that can help you feel healthy. Such products as those from the STARR LABS line can create a whole-body regimen that accompanies a healthy diet and strong exercise routine.

When taking BPC-157 for an injury, you may experience increased tiredness as your body works to recover. To gain back the energy your body needs, you can combine BPC-157 with vitamin B complexes such as Biotin. These help aid the body in transforming carbohydrates into much-needed energy.


Try BPC-157 With the Compounding Pharmacy of America

Finding the right supplement regimen can be difficult. However, once you finally find the right supplements to help, your life can change for the better. If you’re in need of a natural substance that can aid with your healing, digestion, and blood flow, we implore you to give BPC-157 a try.

If you have questions about how BPC-157 can help you, contact our team, and we can help you better understand the benefits of peptide therapy as well as how to incorporate it into a well-balanced supplement regimen.

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