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Manage Heart Medications with Your Compounding Pharmacist

Heart Medications Require Careful Attention Heart medications are lifesaving and crucial for many Americans. The American Heart Association reports that heart disease claims more than 17 million lives every year, and heart medications are one of the most important defenses for Americans at risk of death from heart disease, cardiovascular problems and stroke. People who […]

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Easy Prescription Refills with Compounding Pharmacy

Easy Custom Compounding Medication Services

Millions of Americans rely on prescription medication every day, and managing several prescriptions can quickly turn into a stressful hassle. The Compounding Pharmacy of America provides prescription compounding services so Americans can get the medication they need in the correct form and the correct dosage. Our compounding pharmacy not only provides convenient compounding services, but […]

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The Rising Cost of Medication and Why Compounding Makes More Sense

Compounding Medications Put the Power of Health Care in Your Hands

You never know what brings people to try a compounding pharmacy, but it usually involves their quest for truth.  One of our patients, Eva, is a case in point. Her story will probably feel familiar to you because in a way, we all live this. You see, what your insurance company doesn’t want you to […]

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Compounding Pharmacy of America Now Shipping Prescriptions to Ohio, Illinois, New York and New Jersey

Residents of Ohio, Illinois, New York, & New Jersey

The Compounding Pharmacy of America is proud to announce that we now ship to a total of 15 states around the country. With the latest states added to our shipping area, we are able to offer our patients the highest quality in sterile and custom compounded medications. Our easy online ordering process is now available […]

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Compounding Pharmacy Helps Elderly Seniors Easily Fill Prescriptions

How Compounding Pharmacies Help the Elderly

How Compounding Pharmacies Help the Elderly Americans of all ages require prescriptions to live healthy lives, but our elderly loved ones typically rely on several prescriptions to maintain a certain level of wellness and comfort. While many seniors can find their medications relatively easily, sometimes necessary medications aren’t available in the appropriate dosages or a […]

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What Are The Six Things You Need To Know When Picking Up A Prescription?

  Busy bees; aren’t we all. Often, when picking up a prescription at the local pharmacy, many simply pay, and head out the door without a second thought. Others may order their prescriptions from an online or mail order pharmacy. When picking up a prescription – even refills – it’s important to double-check the process […]

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