What Are Peptides?

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What Are Peptides?

Making a commitment to your health means exploring new avenues that will assist you in your journey to improve your body’s ability to process nutrients efficiently. These new avenues often include supplements that can boost your body’s natural methods of building muscle, burning fat, enhancing recovery after physical activity, and improving cell growth and stimulation. It can be challenging to determine which supplements will best complement your health needs as you embark upon or build on the progress you have already achieved in your wellness journey, especially because there are a multitude of supplements on the market in various forms.

Lately, experts have found that including peptide supplements on your wellness journey can be rewarding in many ways. Since our goal is to provide reliable health tools to help our clients embrace a healthy lifestyle and look and feel their best every day, the team at Compounding Pharmacy of America is dedicated to providing a range of peptide supplements that can assist you as you either begin or continue to improve your physical health. We also aim to help you learn as much as you can about all the supplements you’re considering.

Whether you are currently looking for peptide supplements in oral or capsule form to improve wound and injury healing, GI health and weight loss, cognitive functioning, or overall immune support, it is important to understand what peptides are, what they can do for your body from the inside out, and how to best determine the right supplement for your wellness needs.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are most often described as strings of amino acids. Amino acids are organic chemical compounds that are often referred to as “the building blocks of protein.” Peptides are actually chains of amino acids which contain between 2 and 50 amino acids within each chain. The amino acids themselves link together using chemical bonds, just like a necklace or bracelet, to then form the peptides. The links within the chains of amino acids work to determine both function and structure.

Peptides fall into two categories: endogenous peptides and exogenous peptides. Endogenous peptides are naturally produced in different cells in the human body, including within the brain as well as the immune system. They are crucial for various bodily processes that promote actions like wound healing, cellular communication, and muscle growth. Exogenous peptides must enter the body from outside sources, such as food, supplements, and medications.

Peptides are categorized according to how many amino acids are present in the chain, with oligopeptides featuring the fewest amino acids and polypeptides having more, usually between 20 and 50 amino acids. They are also referred to by their source, whether they are derived from a plant or animal, and in accordance with their function in the human body.

Peptides are often referred to according to their health benefits. For instance, creatine peptides promote the release of hormones that can complement exercise and physical activity in terms of muscle strength and recovery. Copper peptides, on the other hand, act as antioxidants to combat harmful free radicals in the environment, such as pollution, UV rays, and tobacco smoke. Still others, such as collagen peptides, work to reduce the effects of aging on the skin as well as promote cellular healing and regeneration within the body itself. There is no lack of peptide supplements in various forms available at your local drug store, but it is crucial to not only determine which type of peptide will be best for your personal health needs but to also source the highest quality supplements that will provide effective results.

Certain types of peptide supplements can boost the body’s natural ability to function in ways that benefit hormone regulation, improving immune response and triggering neurotransmitters. Peptides continue to be researched for their benefits in treating people for health-related issues such as obesity, aging, diabetes, and even cancer.

Supplementing With Peptides

Supplementing With Peptides

Compounding Pharmacy of America carries a wide variety of peptide supplements for a vast array of health-related goals.

We offer peptide supplements for the following uses:

  • Immune Support and Balance
  • Stimulate and Support Healing
  • Inflammatory Control
  • Weight Loss
  • Cognitive Health

Our supplements are available in capsule form as well as an oral spray, depending on your preferences and your health goals. We offer a bestselling multi-functioning peptide supplement for healing and regeneration of the gut, tissue regeneration, and inflammatory control, with an emphasis on overall GI health. If your wellness goals are more especially focused on improving daily cognitive function or promoting weight loss at the hypothalamic and digestive levels, you can also explore our supplements, which are dedicated to specific aspects of bodily health.

What Does Taking Peptides Do for You?

Different peptides have their own unique benefits. Depending on your health goals, you may specifically hone in on one particular function, such as gut health, cognitive function, or the healing of an injury. Bioactive peptides can assist with killing harmful microbes, reducing inflammation, improving overall immune function, adding antioxidants to the body, and promoting healing at the cellular level.

The fact is that as the body ages, various ailments and issues arise that can cause a decline in overall health due to the natural loss of muscle mass, increased fatigue, and the onset of physical aches and pains. However, a decline in health and function due to age or activity does not need to be permanent.

Peptide supplements can naturally enhance your body’s functions and keep you feeling strong, capable, motivated, and energetic. Because peptides are chains of amino acids, which are themselves the building blocks of proteins, they enable the body to function in ways that promote the ultimate in health. Peptides can promote strong, flexible muscles, clear thinking, comfortable and efficient digestion, and quicker recoveries and healing times from strain and injuries.

What Foods Are High in Peptides?

Foods Rich in Peptides

Even though peptides are present in the human body naturally, obtaining peptides through specific foods and high-quality supplements can enhance your body’s functional abilities according to your needs. Any food consumed by the body is, in fact, broken down by amino acids, but peptides that are naturally present in protein-rich foods such as meat, milk, and eggs are the best sources of peptides.  However, if you wish to explore plant-based sources, legumes, oats, wheat, chickpeas, beans, peas, and seeds like flax and hemp are also excellent sources of active peptides.

How Can Peptide Supplements Enhance Your Wellness Journey?

You may be wondering what peptide supplements are for and how they can support your health goals. In fact, peptide supplements can enhance your wellness journey with a variety of benefits. The most important benefits for you will vary depending on your specific needs related to your health history, your level of activity, the aging process, and your personal preferences. If you are interested in the benefits of peptides at a cellular level to increase bodily functions such as immune support, wound healing, cognitive functioning, weight loss, and more, read on to learn about our high-quality supplements in capsule and oral spray form.

Improved Wound Healing

Collagen is one of the substances that form skin, bone, and cartilage, and collagen peptides can be described as just tiny chunks of collagen. Collagen is used in the medical field to treat wounds, including wound dressings for burn injuries. The peptides present in collagen can effectively help to rebuild and restore the texture and elasticity of the skin while also promoting the production of the extracellular matrix, known as the ECM. This network contains collagen, enzymes, and other vital large molecules.

Compounding Pharmacy of America offers several products that promote healing and recovery. TB4-Frag Oral Spray contains 500 mcg of the active fragment of the larger peptide, Thymosin Beta 4 and comes in a handy, portable spray bottle with a pleasant peppermint taste. TB4-Frag MAX capsules boast 10x potency with a synergistic blend of absorbable bioactive natural thymic peptides.

Antimicrobial Benefits for Wound Healing

Antimicrobial peptides have the ability to regenerate skin while also providing antimicrobial protection. For people living with diabetes, inflammatory conditions like lymphedema, or any other condition that causes them challenges with efficient wound healing, these peptides can be especially valuable.

Thymogen Alpha-1 capsules contain a synergistic combination of immune-modulating, bioregulator dipeptides thymogen and immune peptide A2 (Lys-Glu) to stimulate and support the body’s ability to heal.

Gut Health and Weight Loss Support

Your gastrointestinal (GI) tract has an incredible ability to heal itself from unhealthy habits and injury, and this process could be enhanced through oral peptide supplement use. As the cells in the GI tract initiate the healing process, they can be assisted by peptides that help regenerate their natural integrity and stimulate the overall repair process. Not only do peptides play a key role in maintaining a consistently functional and healthy gut, but they may also aid in weight loss and caloric intake.

Compounding Pharmacy of America offers a protein hydrolysate peptide in capsule form called Can’t Weight, which acts on food intake modulators at the hypothalamic and digestive levels. This high-quality blend could help you lower your caloric intake and reduce body fat mass.

Cognitive Function

Memory and cognitive function is an essential part of daily health and well-being. Peptide supplements such as CerebroPep can help your cognitive health by naturally signaling brain cells responsible for cognition and stimulating the growth of new cells. This, in turn, may enhance the brain’s ability to flexibly respond to stimulation and the world around it so that overall cognitive function is improved. Its innovative effects are similar to injectable peptide therapy but without the needle.

Immune Support

Orally ingested peptides may offer improved immune function and enhance the body’s ability to protect against encounters with free radicals and harmful pathogens. Although the human body has many natural abilities that protect it against toxic elements, the onslaught of environmental stress coupled with aging and familial genetics results in the gradual weakening of the immune system over time. Incorporating peptide-rich foods as well as supplements such as KPV Ultra Oral Spray can help ensure your body receives the immune-boosting benefits it needs to experience enhanced health, healing, energy, and wellness.

Trust Compounding Pharmacy of America for Peptide Supplements

Trust Compounding Pharmacy of America for Peptide Supplements

If you have been wondering whether peptide supplements can benefit your wellness journey, now is the time to explore the peptide products offered by Compounding Pharmacy of America. Our assorted peptide supplements can help you determine what will best suit your needs as you explore ways to promote your healthiest self. You can benefit whether you seek better gut health, a healthier weight, more consistent and clear cognitive function day-to-day, a stronger immune system or to enhance your body’s healing abilities.

Compounding Pharmacy of America offers the highest-quality peptide supplements that have been expertly formulated to target specific bodily functions and enhance your natural abilities. We not only offer pre-made peptide supplements for weight loss, GI health, wound healing, immune system support, and cognitive functioning, but we also provide custom pharmaceutical medications for all your health concerns. Best of all, our pharmacists are available to answer any questions you may have and to help ensure you can make decisions that will have a positive impact on your wellness journey and overall health and well-being.

To learn more about the products and services we offer, contact our compounding pharmacy today.

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