Your Guide to EGCG (Epigallocatechin-3-gallate)


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Recently, a compound known as EGCG has emerged as a leading weight loss supplement. This new supplement offers hope for many people struggling with myriad health issues, including obesity. However, weight loss isn’t the only benefit to this amazing supplement. From pain reduction to neurological improvement, researchers are only scratching the surface when it comes to learning what it can do. Weight loss is only a piece – though an important one – of the many ways this supplement can transform your health.

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What Is EGCG?

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, better known as EGCG, is a compound found in many natural foods. From a scientific standpoint, it’s a polyphenol, which is a classification of plant-based organic chemicals distinguished by a large number of phenol structural groups. Polyphenols, including EGCG, occur naturally in a large number of plant foods like berries, fruits, seeds, and tea leaves. These compounds have been linked to a number of health benefits. They seem to work similarly to antioxidants within the body, decreasing inflammation and boosting energy.

EGCG is what’s known as a water-soluble catechin, a particular type of flavonoid most often found in tea, cocoa, and berries. While catechins are widely accepted to be some of the most effective of the polyphenols, one member of this group stands out – EGCG. In fact, EGCG is known as the most potent antioxidant catechin. Berries and tea may be part of your regular diet, but a supplement is one of the best ways to ensure your body has access to this powerful compound.

In fact, though you may have berries at breakfast and tea with lunch, it’s unlikely that such small amounts are able to help you get the full benefits of EGCG. Investing in a supplement ensures your body gets access to this full spectrum of benefits this compound has to offer.

EGCG Benefits for Your Body and Mind

EGCG is easily the most studied catechin polyphenol. Since research into the compound began, scientists have isolated a number of health benefits associated with it. As research continues, users have discovered a wealth of other benefits to taking EGCG. A few of them include:

Antioxidant Properties

One of the most significant benefits of EGCG and other catechins are their antioxidant properties. Compounds with antioxidant properties are molecules that fight free radicals – uncharged, unstable molecules that are highly reactive with surrounding compounds and can cause damage to cells, proteins, and even DNA.

Continued damage to proteins negatively affects their ability to perform important functions within the body. Similarly, damage to cells has been linked to cancer, excess aging, and cell death. Studies have shown that by interacting with and neutralizing these free radicals, antioxidants like EGCG prevent the damage and cell death that may occur. Antioxidants improve the body’s daily functions while fighting exterior environmental elements that can impact our long-term health.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The other major benefit of EGCG is its anti-inflammatory properties, which are closely linked to its function as an antioxidant. When free radicals overburden the body, they begin to oxidize – or transfer electrons to – other molecules. Over-oxidation causes stress on the body and results in inflammation of various tissues.

Over time, chronic inflammation – or, the prolonged state of inflammation in any part of the body – is thought to have a negative impact on the affected tissues. Inflammation has been linked to numerous health issues, including asthma, cancer and diabetes. The study mentioned above demonstrated that EGCG has the ability to suppress the expression of inflammatory compounds and enzymes that cause harm to the body.

Less inflammation means less pain; for many people, less pain means more movement, which is one way this supplement organically helps with weight loss.


Heart and Circulatory Health Benefits

Research shows that EGCG may help support heart and circulatory health in multiple ways, such as:

  • Reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol. A sixteen-week study where people consumed 250 mg of EGCG green tea extract over eight weeks and a placebo over the remaining eight weeks showed a significant reduction in LDL cholesterol. Overall, subjects experienced a 4.5% reduction in LDL cholesterol while taking EGCG and no change with the placebo.
  • Reducing blood pressure. A three month study of 56 obese people involved giving half the group green tea extract containing 379 mg of EGCG and half the group a placebo. At the end of three months, those who were suffering from obesity experienced a significant decrease in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Reducing inflammatory markers. The same three-month study showed significantly lower serum tumor necrosis factor α and C-reactive protein levels within the group exposed to EGCG. This translates into less overall inflammation in the body – the same inflammation that causes daily pain for many people.

Neurological Health Benefits

EGCG has also been associated with brain and neurological health benefits. Studies in mice and rats have positively linked injections of EGCG to increased neural cell production in these animals, showing a potential to help with regeneration of neural cells after a brain injury. This benefit is closely linked to EGCG’s ability to halt the body’s inflammatory response to such injury.

Perhaps even more exciting is the potential EGCG may have as a therapeutic compound for those experiencing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The previously mentioned antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties may be able to reduce oxidation and cell death within the brain, and speed regeneration and healing of crucial neural cells. In addition, EGCG may even help reduce the aging body’s production of beta amyloid protein and the phosphorylation of tau protein, both known to contribute to the plaques and tangles associated with Alzheimer’s.

Blood Sugar and Insulin Benefits

Another critical benefit of EGCG appears to be its effect on the body’s ability to process sugars. In one study, researchers gave mice on a high cornstarch diet EGCG and monitored the resulting effects on blood sugar. The resulting blood sugar spike was significantly reduced as compared to mice without EGCG, suggesting that EGCG may help the body process sugars associated with starchy foods. Another study showed decreases in insulin resistance in human subjects given EGCG extracts, which may benefit those with Type I diabetes.

Weight Loss Benefits

Potentially one of the most discussed and best-researched benefits of EGCG is its ability to aid in weight loss. In particular, EGCG taken together with caffeine has been shown to be a relatively potent weight loss tool. This is convenient, since most non-supplemental EGCG exists within tea, a natural source of caffeine. Though studies have shown the supplement itself seems to boost weight loss, it also encourages the body to work more healthily – adding to its effectiveness as a weight loss supplement. In fact, many other benefits of this compound boost its power to help users drop pounds. Here’s how.

It decreases inflammation. Less inflammation means less pain; for many people, less pain means more movement and more movement means more opportunities to burn calories, which is one way this supplement organically helps with weight loss.

It stabilizes blood sugar. When your blood sugar crashes, it looks for the quickest burst of energy to overcome it. That’s usually something sweet or full of carbs. When your blood sugar is stable, you’re more inclined to make healthy food choices.

It boosts your brain. When your brain is functioning at full capacity, you’re better able to make positive choices for your body – including what you eat and how much to exercise. Having the right mood can help you take the steps you need to overcome weight issues.

It improves your cardiovascular system. With better blood movement, you’ll organically have more energy. With more energy, exercise will feel like fun rather than work.

EGCG Dosage

While researchers have been studying the potential health benefits and the various effects of EGCG for a few decades, this compound has continuously shown varied effects on human research subjects. Scientists believe this inconsistency may be caused by the tendency of the compound to degrade when exposed to oxygen, which leads to an ever-changing amount that actually reaches the digestive tract. Adding to the issue is the fact that many people aren’t able to absorb EGCG efficiently through the digestive tract itself.

Currently, approved research lists the following safe dosage values:

  • 704 mg/day in liquid beverage form
  • 338 mg/day as a concentrated solid dose

Because of the difficulty of absorption, it’s important to take EGCG supplements from a reputable pharmacy that understands the best dosing for your unique body.


If you’re considering using EGCG weight loss benefits, keep the following healthy weight loss tips in mind:

  • You’ll lose water weight first. When you begin a new healthy eating and supplementary regimen, you’ll burn the reduced calories you’re eating as well as your excess stored blood sugar and the water it’s linked to. For this reason, you’ll likely drop a significant amount of weight at first – but progress will slow after excess water weight is gone.
  • Aim to lose about one to two pounds per week. After the water weight is gone, a safe, sustainable weight loss rate is crucial to your success. Any more can result in abandonment of your regimen or even health issues.
  • Set a realistic goal. Depending on your overall weight, a loss of just 5% of your total body weight can begin to produce positive health benefits. With the addition of EGCG, you could stand to improve your heart health and reduce the oxidation and inflammation promoted by excess body fat and poor diet.
  • Eat a healthy diet and get exercise. Even a wonderful supplement like EGCG cannot overcome a poor diet or inactivity. Supplement the action of your EGCG supplement by getting at least 30 minutes of activity per day and eating healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

Find the Best EGCG Supplement

As you can see, EGCG supplements can help you access a host of health and wellness benefits you just can’t get in nature. If you’re interested in supplementation check out the brands on this page, as well as our preferred supplement. Or, for more information regarding suggested use and other supplement facts, contact us today.

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Disclaimer: Some links on this page are affiliate links that may save you a bundle off normal pricing due to select partnerships. This adds ZERO cost to you, and can only pass potential savings. We may receive a commission if you make a purchase through these links. It’s a win-win! See our full disclaimer here.

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