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Are You Among Those at Increased Risk for Colorectal Cancer?

Are You Among Those at Increased Risk for Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer, or cancer of the large intestine (colon) and rectum, is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. The rising prevalence of colorectal cancer leads to a few important questions. Who is most at risk for colorectal cancer? How do you know if you are at risk? Can you do anything […]

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Mental Effects of Stress: Learning to Relax in the Face of Everyday Stress

Mental Effects of Stress Relax Everyday Stress - Compounding Pharmacy America

While there are times when stress can act as a motivating force that promotes the exertion of extra effort in hopes of meeting a goal, the reality is that stress is often negative. Primarily, it can be severely damaging when an individual experiences high stress levels over an extended period of time. Luckily, there are ways […]

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Common Inactive Ingredients in Prescription Drugs

Inactive Ingredients Aren’t Innocuous - Compounding Pharmacy Of America

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You If you regularly take medication, you may be ingesting more than just what your doctor prescribed. Many medications contain the pain reliever acetaminophen, a substance that even in low doses can cause liver damage. Prescription drugs also contain a wide range of fillers, artificial flavors, coatings and other […]

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Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and Compounded Urinary Medication Options

Understanding Interstitial Cystitis and Available Treatments Many people take their bladder for granted, so when a problem arises, it is usually noticeable and often unpleasant. Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a persistent bladder issue that causes pain in the bladder area and persistent lower urinary tract symptoms lasting six weeks or more without infection. People who […]

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Low Testosterone: Natural Aging or a Lack of Male Hormones?

Low testosterone in men is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a completely natural part of aging that affects everyone. If you’re under 30 and experiencing a drop in testosterone, however, you may have a hormone imbalance. There are low testosterone treatments available for men that could increase your overall health and happiness. An Overview […]

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Oral Health and Disease: Why Prevention Matters

How Poor Oral Health Harms the Body - Compounding Pharmacy

Good oral hygiene doesn’t protect just your teeth. What happens in your mouth affects almost every other part of the body. When health professionals look in your mouth, they may see symptoms of serious conditions like heart disease, diabetes and chronic infection. The Compounding Pharmacy of America helps patients improve the health of their entire […]

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Poor Sleep Causes Weight Gain And Increased Risk Of Diabetes

Poor Sleep Weight Gain & Risk Of Diabetes - CompoundingRXUSA.com

Recent studies have shown a link between poor sleep habits and weight gain as well as diabetes. You may wonder how these completely separate issues could be connected at all. The link is found in the critical changes the body and mind undergo when not enough sleep occurs and when you have an underlying condition […]

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Compounding For Menopause – Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Compounding For Menopause-Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy-CPA

As women age, they can experience an imbalance in hormone levels. This happens often as they go through menopause and certain hormones begin to rapidly decline. Until recently the only options available to menopausal women was to tough it out or take synthetic hormone replacements. Synthetic hormone replacement medications try to mimic the naturally occurring […]

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Compounding Spotlight: Gut Dysbiosis (Leaky Gut Syndrome) – Causes, Prevention & Treatment


Your gastrointestinal tract is one of the most important systems in your body. While your heart, lungs, and brain are responsible for keeping all bodily functions working properly, a problem with your intestinal tract can cause issues throughout the rest of your body. When you eat or drink, your GI tract is responsible for breaking […]

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Do You Have A Hormone Imbalance?

Hormones are powerful chemical messengers, produced by the body’s endocrine system, that affect the vast majority of the body’s vital functions. When everything is level, hormones help maintain emotional and physical health. However, an imbalance in hormone levels can result in an array of troublesome symptoms that may negatively impact an individual’s quality of life. […]

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