Pregnenolone 5 mg (100 Count)


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Scored tablet containing 5 mg of Pregnenolone for hormonal support. Tablets can be dissolved in mouth and swallowed or swallowed whole. Pregnenolone is a steroid hormone that plays a key role in the production of other steroid hormones, including progesterone, DHEA, and estrogen.‡

Pregnenolone FAQs

What is Pregnenolone?

The adrenal gland produces pregnenolone, a hormone that serves as a starting material in the production of steroids and hormones including testosterone, progesterone, and cortisol.

Why Use Pregnenolone?

Interest in pregnenolone as an anti-aging compound and to treat a broad spectrum of medical conditions has been ongoing for decades. Pregnenolone is a precursor in the biosynthesis of other hormones, and some people advertise it as a way to boost production of other hormones or overall health.

When Should I Take Pregnenolone?

Pregnenolone is a powerful steroid hormone that reduces the harmful effects of stress on the body. One should take it as indicated per day with a meal in the morning or early afternoon. If taken in the morning, it should be taken on an empty stomach. For best results, this drug should be taken daily.

How Long Does It Take for Pregnenolone to Work?

Because nutritional supplements may take time to correct deficiencies in one’s hormone levels, most manufacturers recommend use for 3 to 4 months before seeing results.

Will Pregnenolone Help You Sleep?

Pregnenolone, a neurosteroid produced by the adrenal cortex, has been shown to improve sleep quality, which may alleviate fatigue and correct sleep disturbance disorders such as insomnia or inability to fall asleep.

Is Pregnenolone an Anti-Inflammatory?

Pregnenolone acts as a precursor for other steroid hormones, including the sex hormones progesterone, estradiol and testosterone; cortisol, aldosterone, and the adrenocortical androgen dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). It also functions as an anti-inflammatory molecule in immune conditions. This property is mediated by its ability to maintain immune homeostasis.

What Causes Low Pregnenolone?

Pregnenolone acts as a precursor to the stress hormone cortisol and to sex hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Its production is controlled by the adrenal gland, and a drop in pregnenolone may affect cortisol production, potentially resulting in fatigue.


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