Medicines For Infants: What Is Safe? Try These Natural Remedies First!

When your child begins to run a fever or complain of certain symptoms, your first thought is to take them to the pediatrician. Many doctors who specialize in infant care will prescribe an antibiotic for an assumed infection without looking at alternative treatments for the conditions. We understand that there are certain times when antibiotics are needed but make sure, especially for your child, that they are used cautiously. We recommend trying the following safer, alternative remedies first.

3 Common Illnesses That You Can Safely Use Homeopathic “Medicines” For

The following are three common sicknesses that do not require prescription medications to treat.

Ear Infection

Medicines For Infants What Is Safe - Try These Natural Remedies - CPAWhile an infection in the ear can be painful for your child, antibiotics are rarely necessary. Many ear infections are caused by viral or bacterial infection in other areas of the body. For example, a sinus infection can cause fluid build-up in the inner ear which results in an ear infection.

Rather than giving your child oral antibiotics, you can use more natural treatments such as warm olive oil or sweet oil. The oils loosen up the infected fluid and allow it to drain properly from the ear. If a completely natural remedy does not seem to be treating the infection, you can speak with your doctor about compounded ear drops to help your child.


New parents are especially likely to administer anti-fever medications at the first sign of a fever. Fevers are the body’s way of fighting off an infection and should be allowed to rise within reason. If you feel your child’s fever is too high, you can bring it down naturally using a luke warm bath or essential oils. One recommended essential oil combination for fever uses lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, black pepper, peppermint, and rosemary. Using natural remedies can also help you save money.


The common cold has no cure and is caused by a variety of viruses. Doctors often recommend letting it run its course while treating the symptoms. Many people treat the symptoms with over the counter cold medications that are designed to decrease fever, cough, sore throats, and body aches. Most of these medications are made using a combination of medications that can have risks to your child. Many safer and homeopathic alternatives decrease symptoms while allowing the body to fight off the infection naturally. Studies have shown that taking a spoonful of honey prior to bed can decrease a cough in both children and adults. You may also increase your intake of vitamin c and zinc while fighting off a cold. These vitamins and minerals help strengthen the immune system as it fights off the virus causing your symptoms.

Prescriptions Can Hurt The Immune System – Keep It Strong With Natural Remedies

It is important to allow your child’s body to fight off virus and bacterial infections naturally, whenever possible. This will help to strengthen their immune system in the event they are exposed to the same infection later in life. Using prescription medication to kill an infection may rid your child of the illness but, they do not gain the naturally immunity they need.

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