Integrative Peptides TB4-FRAG™ contains the active fragment of the larger peptide Thymosin Beta 4.

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Integrative Peptides TB4-FRAG™ contains the active fragment of the larger peptide Thymosin Beta 4.

Oral Peptide

To stimulate and support healing

60 capsules

One capsule, two times a day

Thymosin Beta 4 Active Fragment (Acetylated and Amidated Form of a Naturally Occurring Isomer of TB4 Active Frag-250mcg), D-Ribose (25mg), Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Time-Released VegiCap.

More About TB4 Frag

Sustaining any kind of injury can mean suffering setbacks in day-to-day activities. Fortunately, the body has natural processes that seek to rebuild back to a healthy strength and to repair any damage that occurred as a result of the injury. Unfortunately, the body takes its time to complete this process. That isn’t always beneficial for you when you are looking to get back into your regular routine. Fortunately, there are supplements that can help, including TB4 Frag.

Thymosin Beta 4, or TB4 for short, can help you return your body to a healthy state more quickly, meaning you can return to your regular activities sooner rather than later. TB4 Frag provides a version of this naturally occurring peptide that works to speed up the body’s healing and recovery process, whether you are injured or simply need help recovering after a tough workout.

What Is the TB4 Frag Peptide?

Thymosin Beta 4 is a naturally occurring peptide produced in the thymus. Peptides are protein building blocks composed of amino acids. In its natural state, TB4 is made up of over 40 amino acids, which can be difficult for the body to use, hampering the peptide’s benefits. Fortunately, our TB4 Frag product contains an optimized chunk of the original peptide, making it more bioavailable. TB4 Frag includes only the most effective frag (or fragment) of four amino acids.

In either state, TB4 is a hormone that is primarily responsible for producing T cells within the body. These cells are white blood cells most responsible for the effects of the body’s immune system. In addition to impacting T cell production, TB4 also helps B white blood cells convert into plasma, where they produce antibodies.

TB4 is also a component of vital actin monomer-sequester proteins. These proteins help the body retain actin, another protein vital to the contraction mechanism in muscle cells as well as the structuring and movement of cells. The combination of these purposes makes it a highly valuable asset to the body’s tissue repair process.

What Is TB4 Frag Used For?

TB4 Frag is beneficial in helping the body recover from injury and managing the pain associated with many different conditions. Because of its ability to boost the generation of both T and B cells, TB4 Frag can be used to improve many conditions, including:


Inflammation can help the body combat diseases and heal injuries. However, chronic inflammation of the joints (arthritis) can result in cell death and pain. By helping the body combat inflammation, TB4 Frag can be helpful in reducing arthritis pain and stiffness.

Cardiovascular Issues

TB4 Frag may be helpful in improving overall heart health. Because of its ability to speed healing, it can help generate more healthy cells, which can decrease the likelihood of blood clots. In addition, taking TB4 Frag could help repair damaged cardiovascular cells more quickly.

Soft Tissue Damage

From daily injuries to surgical incisions, damage to the body’s soft tissue can occur in a number of ways. While the body can repair this damage naturally, TB4 Frag can help increase the speed at which the body repairs this damage and help strengthen the repairs, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. In some cases, it may even help to prevent scars after injury or surgery.


Diseases and illnesses can occur when the body’s immune system is too weak to fight back against the invading agent. TB4 improves the body’s immune system by generating healthy B cells, which contribute to the plasma that helps to house the body’s natural antibodies. These healthy cells then work to protect the body and fight back against diseases that may threaten the body. TB4 also helps produce T cells.

Muscle Regeneration

The muscles in the body are in constant use. However, they are also subject to frequent damage, whether from regular workouts and rebuilding or injury. Workouts cause tiny tears in muscle fibers, but the tissue then regrows, which adds to muscle mass. TB4 can help muscles rebuild more efficiently and improve the overall strength of the body.

Neurological Damage

Just as TB4 can help muscles rebuild, it can also help with the neurovascular rebuilding necessary to recover from neurological diseases. This ability to rebuild, known as brain or neurological plasticity, can help both the central and peripheral nervous systems. Recovery from neurological illness or damage can be supplemented with TB4.

These are just a few of the reasons that people may use TB4 Frag. Not only can TB4 Frag help to improve the overall health of the body, but it can also help to strengthen the body by decreasing the stress on vital areas such as joints. Further, it can rebuild and tone muscle, as well as aid in recovery from serious physical or neurological damage.

TB4 Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between TB4 Frag and TB4 Frag Max?
The TB4 Frag supplement should not be confused with the TB4 Frag Max supplement. Both work in similar ways, but Frag Max is designed with 10X the potency of TB4 Frag. In addition, TB4 Frag Max is composed of over 40 amino acids compared to TB4 Frag, which consists of just 4. It is also worth mentioning that the number of active ingredients in TB4 Frag is different from that in TB4 Frag Max. TB4 contains 150 mcg of active ingredients, while TB4 Frag Max contains twice that, including 325 mcg of natural thymus extract originating in either sheep or cattle.
What Side Effects Occur From Thymosin-Beta 4?
While there are many benefits to using TB4 Frag, there are cautions that should be considered as well. For patients who have abnormal growths, such as benign or cancerous tumors, TB4 could negatively impact or even accelerate their growth. Remember, TB4 is used to help repair muscles and stimulate the growth of soft tissues. This includes underlying cancers and tumors, as TB4 does not distinguish between these growths and others in the body.

Although TB4 will help to produce healthy blood cells, it will not selectively produce noncancerous tissue only. If you have cancer or other abnormal tissue growth, consult with a medical professional before beginning any peptide or supplement therapy. Peptides may exacerbate this condition.

Other side effects are mild and fleeting. In some cases, other side effects could include muscle soreness, a decline in motivation, and headaches.

Is TB4 Frag Safe for Those Who Are Expecting a Child? What About Children?
While there is still research to be conducted in this area, some conclusions have shown that TB4 peptides can be an integral part of prenatal care. The research indicated that in some cases of premature birth, the resulting side effects have been positively influenced by TB4 therapy. The study indicated that the use of TB4 while pregnant may help aid in the growth of the fetus in general, as well as in the growth and healthy development of the vital organs within the fetus.

As always, if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are considering giving this supplement to a child, it is advised that you inquire with your medical provider. Though negative side effects are rare, speaking with a medical professional could help you make an informed decision. Never begin a peptide or supplement regime if you are pregnant or for children without inquiring first.

What Time of Day Should I Take TB4 Frag?
Many supplements must be taken at a particular time of day for maximum efficacy, and TB4 is no exception. The timing of the dose can maximize the benefits received from this vital peptide. Please note that while many workout supplements are recommended to be taken with the first meal of the day, TB4 Frag is an ideal peptide to help your body recover during rest. Therefore, it is recommended that you take TB4 Frag two hours after your last meal or before eating your first meal of the day.

Because foods can contain many different enzymes and ingredients, the potential to negate the supplement’s active ingredients could be high. Eliminating food intake with TB4 eliminates the risk of hindering the benefits that you are seeking to gain.

Is TB4 Considered a Steroid?
While TB4 is loosely considered a performance-enhancing supplement due to its recovery benefits, it is not banned by the public. The purpose of TB4 is to aid in the recovery process after injury. However, some athletes have found many positive benefits when taken in conjunction with an exercise routine. As you exercise, your muscles tear and rebuild to create larger muscles and increase strength. TB4 can contribute to this process, which is why it is considered a beneficial supplement to improve an athlete’s ability to recover and continue performing.

Although certain governing bodies discourage professional athletes from using TB4 to boost performance, the everyday user can continue to find many benefits associated with TB4 that could bring a long overdue relief from chronic pain, discomfort, or injury.

Who Can Benefit From Taking Thymosin Beta 4?
TB4 can benefit many people in many ways. Benefits can include relaxing muscles to avoid a spasm, boosting messaging between blood cells in the body to help healthy blood cells find their way to damaged tissue, speeding tissue repair, keeping the joints flexible, improving endurance, and increasing strength. These benefits, as well as others, are particularly important to those who experience pain, discomfort, or slow injury recovery.

In particular, people with a TB4 deficiency may need to supplement. Some people are born without a thymus gland, a condition known as congenital athymia. Others experience thymic damage due to stress, infections, or more severe injuries. Thymic function also naturally decreases as we age. Supplementing with TB4 can help the body maintain its natural function and boost healing.

What Is the Difference Between TB4 Frag and BPC-157?
Both TB4 Frag and BPC-157 are synthetic peptides that are designed to help the body reduce inflammation and speed tissue regeneration. However, their mechanisms of action differ. This diversity makes the two an ideal combination for many who wish to approach healing from multiple angles.

Both supplements consist of peptides, which are chains of amino acids. BPC-157 is derived from 15 amino acids, while TB4 Frag consists of just 4. More importantly, BPC-157 is especially effective in improving gut health and tissue regeneration, while TB4 Frag helps to improve cell health. When used in tandem, the two can work together to produce maximum effects.

BPC-157 appears to be a key component of angiogenesis, the process of producing blood vessels and improving wound healing. In addition, it can improve red blood cell production. Its anti-inflammatory mechanisms work particularly well within the gut and can help with conditions such as leaky gut, inflamed bowel syndrome (IBS), and other similar conditions. With a healthy gut and blood vessels, plus improved red blood cell production, your body can break down the nutrients it needs and then carry those nutrients throughout the body to help regenerate tissue.

Where to Buy TB4 Frag?
TB4 Frag can be an essential part of any peptide therapy or supplement regimen. From improving the body’s recovery time after an injury to providing it with the resources it needs to build healthy blood cells and prevent future injuries, TB4 Frag provides the benefits you may never have known you needed. If you are wondering where to find TB4 Frag for sale, look no further than Compounding Pharmacy of America. You can purchase TB4 Frag above.
Buy TB4 From a Reputable Source
At Compounding Pharmacy of America, we pride ourselves on taking time to understand not just our wellness products and prescription medications but also our customers. This ensures we can help you determine which supplements you need to address your symptoms or preserve your health. Our team of licensed pharmacists are here to answer any questions that you may have, whether they involve TB4 Frag, compounded prescription medications, or any other products we offer.

We care about your health and that of your family. Contact us today, and let us help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve always envisioned.


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